Dan Schatt Reveals New, Easy-to-Use Cryptocurrency Platform Known As Earnity

By admin / April 6, 2022

Earnity, a new cryptocurrency marketplace whose operator is also called Earnity, is designed to take the confusion out of cryptocurrency investing, according to Earnity Chief Executive Officer and Founder Dan Schatt.

According to Schatt, accessing DeFi products can easily feel as though it takes 20 steps. However, the process of taking advantage of cryptocurrency does not have to be burdensome. Keeping crypto easily and efficiently accessible is the premise of Earnity, and it is one of the main reasons why a large number of people are expected to flock to this marketplace and platform in the coming years.

Investors are also anticipated to choose Earnity over other social cryptocurrency platforms due to the major emphasis on security. The platform’s makers utilize cutting-edge tools to ensure that the marketplace remains a safe, welcoming environment for newcomers to crypto and experts in the industry. On top of this, cryptocurrency is inherently secure and identity theft-proof. The inherent safety of crypto is because each crypto transaction is checked to ensure that the person who is facilitating the transaction owns the coins being used in the transaction, according to Schatt.

Still, cryptocurrency does present some risks that investors should be aware of, Schatt said. Because the crypto landscape is volatile, traders would be wise to maximize the community guidance and support available from experts at Earnity, according to Schatt.

In addition to currently leading Earnity, Dan Schatt enjoys speaking on financial technology industry developments at conferences such as the Internet Retailer expo/conference and Nacha’s yearly payments conference. Previously, Schatt excelled as a senior-level analyst for Celent, a leading advisory and research firm. He has also made major contributions to companies such as PayPal and Citigroup. Schatt furthermore writes articles and is quoted in pieces related to topics such as payment systems, financial management, and mobile commerce.


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