Broke Tips: How Can I Buy Something With No Money?

By admin / June 30, 2020

Are you broke but you want to buy something and are asking, “How can I buy something with no money?” Read this article to find out what you need to know.

Have you heard of retail therapy?

It’s not actually a legitimate form of therapy, of course. But there is something satisfying about being able to acquire a new item.

What happens though when you’re broke and wondering, how can I buy something with no money? It’s an even more important question when you truly need something like an appliance or electronic device that’s ceased to work.

We’ll explore some different options.

Research Newfangled Point-of-Sale Financing

Newfangled point-of-sale financing is primarily available online, although some stores offer it as well. With this form of financing, you’re able to secure the item you need – such as a new phone or refrigerator – and pay it off over time.

These are essentially instant personal short-term loans that often allow you to pay off the item in four interest-free payments and can be good alternatives to loans that charge high-interest rates. However, be forewarned. If you’re unable to pay it off in those four payments, you could be looking at some hefty interest rates. And you’ll be paying those on the full loan, not just what you owe.

Throw a Swap Party

Consider throwing a swap party. Reach out to your friends and invite them over with instructions to bring things they no longer want or use. For example, you may have a friend with an old laptop that could be exactly what you need to get a new job. And maybe he or she is longing for a set of pots and pans that you just don’t use.

With a swap party, you can trade, barter or donate to friends while snagging new additions for yourself. And once the party is over, you may even be left with items you could take to a resale shop.

Get Familiar With Resale Shops

There are places such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army that simply take donations. But higher-end resale shops are always looking for unique clothing, accessories, kitchen products, book collections, etc. for which they’re willing to pay you.

Take some time to declutter. Purge what you no longer want or use. Then take those items to one of these resale shops. If they’re interested, they’ll either offer you cash or give you a credit you can spend in the store.

Use Credit Cards Wisely

Using credit cards should be your last line of defense. But if you’re really in a bind and must purchase a necessary item, find a credit card that offers zero interest for an introductory amount of time. Then commit to paying it off by then.

Credit cards can be helpful if you pay them off each month and don’t let any interest accrue. But for many people, the temptation to buy far more than they can afford is too much. So be very cautious if you choose this option.

Still Wondering How Can I Buy Something with No Money?

Answering the question of how can I buy something with no money is tricky. But employing the above tips is a good place to start. And there’s plenty of room to get creative. Hopefully, you won’t be broke for long.

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