Are All Inclusive Boat Wedding Packages Worth it?

By admin / March 16, 2021

You’re getting married, but with an average of 2.4 million US weddings performed a year, how will yours stand out?

You need it to be affordable, but you also need it to be romantic with the right view and the right entertainment. Luckily, there’s an option that gives you all that with less headache.

Read on to learn if all-inclusive boat wedding packages are right for you.

It Has It All in One Package

The best thing about a boat wedding is that the boating service will provide everything else for it, including the catering, the music, and even the linen.

You won’t have to juggle several different companies or hire someone to do it for you.

This makes planning for your wedding a lot easier, and it gives you less to worry about on the big day.

It also saves you on venue and transportation issues considering it is just one venue.

Combining them together can save you lots of money in the long run. You might even be able to get discounts by doing so. It can make your wedding a lot more affordable for you and your guests.

But be sure to watch out for hidden fees! Be sure you know the price of other expenses such as fueling costs or docking fees.

You’re There Until It’s Over

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Planning a boat wedding means your wedding will have spectacular views at all times.

But it does mean you and your guests will be there until you dock again.

Deciding how long you’ll be on the water helps you decide what kind of vessel to rent. If you will only be having an evening ceremony, you can rent a boat like Adeline’s Sea Moose.

Whereas, you’ll want something bigger if you’re planning on having more than the main event. It’s possible to schedule your rehearsal dinner and other events as well for the trip as well.

But it would stretch out the trip to be overnight, at least.

This can be problematic for guests that don’t get along. Other guests may have commitments between your events as well. Without being able to get to them during those days, they may not be able to attend your wedding at all.

So, make sure you and your guests have the time to invest in your boat wedding, and you get the appropriate vessel for it.

Consider the Guests’ Needs

Other than your guests’ time, you need to consider what other needs they might have. While your boat will likely have a medic on board, you want to make sure anyone’s special needs are met.

This includes guests who may be disabled or get seasick easily. A boat wedding may not be practical or safe for all guests.

Work with the boating company about arranging any special needs.

And always double-check their regulations. Some vessels may have stricter ones than others, and these could hinder some plans and guests.

All-Inclusive Boat Wedding Packages Can Be Worth It

If you want a wedding venue that is extremely romantic and affordable, then yes, this is worth it. Consider all-inclusive boat wedding packages and what goes into them to decide if it’s right for you.

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