8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Flower Delivery Service

By admin / May 3, 2020

Choosing the right flower delivery store to send the flowers to your loved ones can make a lot of difference. The wrong florist will be careless in packing your flowers causing the recipient to be disappointed when receiving them. The following are 8 tips on how to choose the right flower delivery service.

1. Read Reviews and Get Referrals

The first step is to read the reviews at the florist site. There are a lot of things you can find out about the florist in the customer reviews. However, sometimes, you can’t depend on reading online customer reviews. It will be best if you can see the quality of the flower that is delivered yourself. If you have friend who is ordering from online florist, you can ask him to show you the flower that is delivered to you. If it is good, then the flower you order from the same florist will also be in quality.

2. Check the Price of the Flowers

If you are okay with the florist, then you want to check the price. Some florists deliver flower in better condition but the standard price they charge is also a bit more expensive. This should not be a problem if you care about the quality of the flower. It is better to pay more to receive a bouquet delivered in good condition than to save a few bucks to receive a bouquet that is not presentable to the recipient.

3. Check for Extra Fees

You will want to check if the florist charge any extra fee. The extra fee can be the fee for the delivery person handling your flower or for something else. You should ask the customer support of the florist personally whether they charge any extra fees. If the extra fees are affordable, you can proceed to shop with the florist.

4. Exchanging Flowers that are Not Satisfactory

A good florist will be willing to exchange flowers that are not delivered in satisfactory condition for free. Some florists will requests you to pay extra fees for replacement while others can replace the flowers for free. Before buying, you should always read about the refund and cancellation and replacement policies so that you know what to do in the event that the flowers you receive is not satisfactory.

5. Have a Few Flowers on the List

You can go to the online store and browse the flower arrangements when you found a florist that can deliver the flowers in good quality. You should have a few flowers on the list and not just a single type of flower. This is because the florist may not sell the type of flower you want to buy. If you have a compiled a list of flowers, you will easily know what alternative flower to buy if the main flower you preferred is not available.

6. Include Additional Notes

The flower delivery services should allow you to include a small additional note to the order. The note can provide instructions for example, alternative address to deliver in the event the first delivery attempt fail. Being able to provide additional note to your order is important because it is common for fail delivery in flowers delivery. If you don’t provide additional note, they will just leave the flower on the ground and it can be stolen or damaged by the time the recipient return home.

7. Deliver to Your Destination Country

Not every florist offer delivery services worldwide. For example, if you want to send flowers to Israel, you have to take the initiative to find out if the floral delivery company deliver to the country. You can visit the FAQ page, click on the delivery link in the navigation or contact the customer support via email to find out about it. To ensure fast delivery, you should choose an international floral delivery company that uses local florist stores to deliver the flowers to the recipient. Get more details here.

8. Delivery Options

You should take note of the delivery options when you send flower to overseas. Choosing a standard delivery method can mean that flower will arrive at the recipient address in not fresh condition. If possible, you should choose a faster delivery method for example overnight or next day delivery. This is especially if you are sending flowers from US to Asia.


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