6 Unique Bow Jewelry Pieces That You Can Gift Your Daughter

By admin / February 25, 2022

The bow is a powerful symbol. It has the same significance as a knot. Therefore, it represents a close tie, bond, or union. In short, it stands for togetherness or love.

Bow jewelry pieces are dainty and have a graceful appeal. That is why they make a lovely gift to show your daughter how much you love and care for her. You need not wait for her birthday, Daughter’s Day, or any special occasion to gift her such diamond jewelry. It can even be a symbolic “just because” gift, which she will always cherish.

So, here are 6 unique bow jewelry ideas that can be amazing gifts for your daughter.

“Bet on Yourself” Bow Pendant Necklace

Looking for bow jewelry that contains a meaningful inscription? A rose gold diamond bow pendant necklace with an inscription that reads “Bet on Yourself” is exactly what you need. These words can work their magic for your daughter to encourage her and build her confidence in herself, her actions, and decisions in life. If you want to motivate your daughter, this necklace can be just the right gift. She can unleash the fashionista in her, with this elegant and trendy design.

“You’ve Got This” Bow Pendant Necklace

Is your daughter going onto something new in her life, like starting university or beginning a new job? It’s time to encourage her to overcome all the new challenges that this may present. Tell her, “You can do it” with style by gifting her a yellow gold diamond bow pendant necklace engraved with the words, “You’ve Got This.” The yellow gold necklace will make her look extra special, while the minimalistic design of bow jewelry means she can even wear it any outfit.

Lab Diamond Bow Pendant Necklace

Lab-grown diamonds are as beautiful as natural diamonds. They sparkle just as well but cost only a fraction of the price of mined diamonds. Plus, lab-made diamonds are conflict-free and safe for the environment. So, earn brownie points from your daughter with an eco-friendly gift of a rose gold lab-grown diamond bow pendant necklace. It is an adorable diamond jewelry piece that is budget-friendly too.

Diamond Bow Earrings

Is your daughter a fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Then why not gift her something that instantly reminds her of her favorite cartoon characters? In that case, you can shop for a pair of rose gold and sterling silver Minnie diamond bow earrings. If this bow jewelry piece perfectly mimics the bow headband of Minnie, your daughter will fall in love with it right away. This is one design that is perfect for young children, teens, and young adults.

Fashion Bow Ring

Does your daughter love Disney princesses? Then it’s time to gift her bow jewelry inspired by the stories of the most beloved Disney princess, Snow White, and her beautiful bow. Choose a Snow White fashion bow ring in white and rose gold for a statement diamond jewelry piece. This fashion ring can be just the right way to accessorize summer dresses and evening wear alike.

Gemstone Bow Ring

Gemstone rings are popular for their vibrancy and splash of color. If your daughter also likes gemstone rings, you can gift her a white and rose gold Snow White bow ring in diamonds and garnet. Garnets have a brilliant red glow that can add more charm to your daughter’s look. Such a ring will elevate the glamor quotient of any party outfit.

Besides, if your daughter is January-born, the ring will be a perfect gift because garnet is a powerful January birthstone. The striking contrast between the diamonds and the large central garnet will help your daughter make a fashion statement wherever she goes.

Make sure to shop for bow jewelry at a trusted online diamond and gemstone jewelry store. The biggest advantage of shopping for gemstone and diamond jewelry online is that you can access the most competitive prices. But make sure they offer a wide variety of designs in every type of jewelry, so that you get to choose only the best for the apple of your eye. Also, check for detailed product descriptions so that you gain peace of mind that you will receive exactly what you pay for. And don’t forget to look for special offers and discounts for some great savings. If the store offers free shipping and easy returns, that’ll be the icing on the cake.



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