Your Guide to CBD Distillate

By admin / March 25, 2022


Sixty-eight percent of CBD users find the substance to be effective. Now, it’s your turn to find out how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

The best way to start is to learn all about CBD distillate, another term for what’s also called hemp oil or CBD oil. What is it, what’s it good for, and how can you use it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is CBD distillate?

As we said, CBD distillate is just another name for CBD oil. It comes from either hemp or cannabis plants, though most varieties are made of the former.

There are so many draws of using CBD products, too. For one thing, they contain very little to no THC, the component in cannabis products that would give you that high feeling or head rush. Without it, you’re left with just the relaxing feeling that cannabis can provide.

That’s why so many people rely on CBD to calm them down, whether they’ve had a long day at work or they feel physical pain. People use distillate CBD to help with many symptoms and sensations, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Joint pain
  • Post-workout pain
  • Seizures
  • Sleeplessness
  • Acne
  • Discomfort from cancer treatment

The list goes on from here. But, as you can see, there are so many wonderful reasons to use CBD products in your daily routine.

How Can I Work CBD Distillate Into My Daily Routine?

On that note, you might be ready to learn how to incorporate this THC free cannabis product into your daily life.

You’ll find that CBD products come in many forms, and not all of them will help you with your particular ailment. For example, a topical CBD lotion might help you with joint pain, but it’ll do little to soothe your anxiety.

Vaping CBD gets the substance into your bloodstream the fastest, but you also have to consider the potential side effects of smoking. A vape may introduce carcinogens to your body, too, so keep that in mind before you pick up a vape pen.

Your second-fastest option — and perhaps the most popular way of taking CBD — is an oil tincture. You’ll take the tincture and squirt a bit of the CBD oil under your tongue. This delivers CBD to your system faster than edibles, your third option.

Edibles are another great way to get your CBD. They’re more discreet than vaping or even taking a sublingual tincture of oil. While people might instantly recognize those as ways to take CBD, they won’t notice that your adorable gummy bear or crumbly cookie contains CBD.

You won’t be able to take an edible if you need your CBD delivered in a pinch — say, if you’re having an anxiety attack. However, if you want to feel the chill effect of CBD gradually, an edible could be right for you.

You can easily incorporate topical CBD into your routine, too. Apply a lotion when your joints hurt, or when you feel acne flaring up. Voila: the CBD will soothe your skin, and you can work it in with the rest of your regular skincare.

Try CBD Distillate

The only way to really figure out how to make CBD distillate part of your routine is to try it out and see where it fits in. Whether you’re a morning person or night owl, anxiety-ridden or bugged by joint pain, there’s a good time to take CBD and a good variety to help you. All there’s left to do is get started.

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