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By admin / September 20, 2020

I always look up in awe at how the men and women of the electrical engineering industry bravely and fearlessly create solutions that to us seem to be the end of the world, and all the while being 10s if not 20 meters up in the air, fair play to them is all I have to say.

We don’t credit the working force enough, no matter how big or small a task they perform, and when we have maintenance, installation, or repairmen come to the house I make a point of telling them how much we appreciate their efforts. Yes, of course, we are essentially paying for the job to be done, but this way they feel a sense of pride in their work too, it’s a win-win.

Check here for more tips on having your electrics serviced professionally and courteously, or simply to browse suitable options if you have been wanting to update things around the house or office but daunted by the overwhelming fact of all the big words being thrown around.

There is something for everyone, even if you start with simple light fixtures and wiring being upgraded and tucked away as opposed to hanging all over the place (a pet peeve of mine seeing that in buildings, especially public houses where nobody seems to be bothered) or a routine maintenance check to ensure everything is in working order.

Professionals versus Uncle John.

Sure we love Uncle John, but subscribing to the monthly electric magazine (who knows for what reason) is not qualification enough for me when it comes to electrics in the home. I have children and a husband to take care of, and a fire hazard risk is the last thing I need weighing on my mind or added to my already over-flowing plate of things to do.

5 Benefits of using a qualified electrician.

  • Safety. One of, if not the, most important factor when it comes to repairs, installations, and maintenance. Electricity, as we know, is extremely powerful, this, however, goes hand in hand with it being dangerous. Being ‘in the know’ could mean the difference between life and death.

Of course, the list goes on which you can have a nosey at here http://www.philthymcnastys.com/seven-benefits-of-hiring-a-professional-electrician/ but let’s keep looking at the more common and popular factors that pop up when we have chatted to people who have thought about and hired in a company.

  • Financially viable. I love my husband don’t get me wrong, but not everything needs to be a DIY project just to save a few pennies, and if watching all those YouTube videos for some reason have not worked out, it can end up costing far more just to rectify the situation.
  • Property value. With certificates in place and all regulations met and ticked off, then by the time it comes to selling the property the new owners will be so thankful you did all the hard work for them.
  • Tools and equipment. Bless my hubby, he does have every tool under the sun known to man, what for who knows, but he has it. But because he isn’t in a specific industry or line of work, the tailor-made tools that tradesman use to do the job effectively and more efficiently is available essentially from the places they only know of. Let them be.
  • Experience. This is the greatest asset of all, something that can never be taken away from you, and leaving the task to someone who has been working with electrics for more than 20 years is ok in my book.

The world is in constant need of some form of lightning, whether it be at home to see where you’re going or to distinguish the various areas, or simply to guide your way in the dark.

While households may ‘want’ a limitless amount of lighting and electricity this is not always achievable, my mother, for instance, lives in a 3rd world country where I was born, and where the country as a whole share generated electricity.

Some homes have electrics while others don’t, they have put this down as ‘load shedding,’ –read all about load shedding– and although extremely frustrating it to has enhanced the children’s of the homes to be more creative in other ways as opposed to sitting on electronics all day.

Families spend more time together, creative juices begin to flow, and soon those nights when not even the street lights survived the ‘shed,’

But what is so interesting is how it came to be harvested, to begin with.

Discovering electricity

As we know from school and the history books, credit is given to Benjamin Franklin for the discovery of electricity, some confuse this with inventing it, but, of course, with it being a natural occurrence this is most unlikely and rather a gift from God that has been harnessed for the greater good.

He tested his theory, getting shocked in the process mind you, with a simple kite, a key tied to the end it, and braving a lighting storm to fly it and prove to humanity that lightning is in electricity.

What would we have done, or better yet what would we do if we didn’t have electricity? I can confidently say my kids would say their lives have ended, they have no Wi-Fi, and their phones need to charge, the story of my life, am I right parents?


We have taken a look at all things electric, now a quick character reference when it comes to what exactly an electrician is. Essentially, it is someone who has completed his studies in electric installation and maintenance and practices his teachings, whether in a home or office the wires are still called wires.

While some consider this a simple occupation there are hazards to realize, some of which include shocks, falls from high places, electrical burns, and being exposed to harmful substances.

Consider all factors when becoming an electrician and change the world one bulb at a time. To read more on topics like this, check out the blog category.

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