Why Vertical Blinds Are Safer Than Other Types Of Window Treatments

If you live with kids or pets, safety is at the top of your mind. You probably have all your outlets covered and cabinets pinned shut, but have you spent any time thinking about your window treatments?

Window treatments often melt into the background of your home and it’s not until there’s an accident that you realize you should have done something earlier to make your windows safer.

If you want to make your windows safer, consider vertical blinds because:

  • Nothing can get stuck between the blinds
  • There are no dangling cords
  • They can be motorized
  • They can’t be yanked down

Nothing Can Get Stuck Between the Blinds

Traditional blinds can be found in many rooms in many homes. Whether they are made out of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, they can cause real problems in your home because it’s easy for things to get stuck in between the blinds.

Cats are notorious for climbing in between the blinds, but children can squeeze their way through the slats in the blinds too. Not only can this be dangerous, it will definitely damage your blinds.

That can’t happen with vertical blinds. Because each blind is separate and hangs to the ground, it’s okay for your little one to part the blinds and peek outside.

There Are No Dangling Cords

Dangling cords continue to be a huge danger to children. Nearly two children are treated in the United States every day for injuries caused by blinds, and most of those involve the dangling cords that are used to pull the blinds up and down.

Although some vertical blinds contain a cord or loop, most don’t. Instead, they utilize a rigid stick that opens the blinds, leaving absolutely no way for your child or pet to accidentally strangle themselves.

They Can Be Motorized for Even More Safety

Still worried about that stick? Or maybe you have a cord and you’re looking for a modern update? It’s very easy to motorize horizontal blinds so there is no stick or cord at all!

They Can’t Be Yanked Down

Mini blinds probably won’t be yanked down by your child, but curtains and draperies definitely will. It’s very easy for a child to reach up and pull down the fabric that hangs in the window. Not only will it get old having to rehang the curtains every time they are tugged to the floor, a heavy rod can be very dangerous if it hits your child on the way day.

Although kids can pull on vertical blinds, they can’t really get a good grip, so they won’t be yanked down. You can count on your vertical blinds staying in the same place.

It is extremely important to think about the safety of your window treatments. If they aren’t up to your safety standards, it’s time to replace them with vertical blinds. With so many different design options, they aren’t just for the sliding glass door either, which means you can make every window in your home safer for your children and your pets.


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