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By admin / June 30, 2020

Topconsumerreviews is a brilliant website which helps us to understand which reviews online are the ones which we should be looking at. Simply because this is a brilliant site however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look into exactly why a site like this must exist in the first place. Sadly there are many reviews which are left online that just aren’t true, they have been left by a business or a paid individual in order to make that particular business look good. This of course is dangerous because it means that a poor business can keep on bringing in customers, based on a false premise.

These reviews of course do far more damage than good but thankfully there are some ways in which we can try to root out a bad review when we are trying to get an idea about a certain product or service. Let’s take a look then at a few things which we can keep an eye out for when we are looking at reviews.


Whilst not everyone who leaves a review has great grammar and spelling, very often these review farms which are outsourced to will based in India or China, which means that they read as though they have been written by someone who is not a native speaker. If you see one of these then no problems, it may have been written by a non-native speaker, but if you see multiple then maybe don’t put all your faith in them.

Over The Top

Something else which we often see in these reviews is the desire to make the review more believable and so they will add in information which quite frankly just isn’t necessary. Owing to this you will have to keep a watchful eye out for an abundance of information in the review which is completely unnecessary.

Against the Current

Another great way to spot fake reviews, or at least have a good idea that they are fake, is when you see a glowing review which has been left in amongst a swathe of negative comments. If you see ten reviews which have all given a restaurant one or two stars and then written supporting information about exactly why it isn’t great, and then all of a sudden you see a 5 star review, it is highly likely that this is a fake review which the business has paid for in an effort to try and stop the rot.

The Reviewer

Another good tip for spotting reviews which aren’t true is to check out the person who is leaving the review. How many reviews have they left before? If the answer is zero then it may very well be that the person has created this account with the sole purpose of leaving this review before moving on. Alternatively you may find that they have left reviews before but they too are all reviews which tick any of the boxes listed here in this article.

Be careful when you are looking at product reviews.

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