What types of lighting are there for concerts?

By admin / January 27, 2023

Proper lighting is necessary for every concert. First of all, lighting is necessary because it helps to illuminate the stage. Secondly, good lighting fixtures help to highlight certain areas of a stage, which makes the experience of viewers more exciting. Here is a short guide on the most commonly used types of lighting during concerts.

  • Ellipsoidal. This type of lighting equipment is used to illuminate what is in front of the spotlight. The focus of such equipment can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of a performer. Lighting designers can even adjust the shape of a beam.
  • Followspot. This inventory is commonly used to illuminate the stage with one performer. You might have seen, for instance, standup comedians being followed by a spotlight. In such cases, the followspot is used. As you might understand, there is also a need to ensure that there will be a person who will manage this beam manually in real time.
  • Fresnel. If you need a special light with a unique form, you need to use this equipment. The approach of lighting with a lens made of concentric rings was invented by Augustin Fresnel. Such a piece helps to create a unique lighting effect when the beam is bright at the center and soft at the edges.
  • PAR Can. This abbreviation stands for the parabolic aluminized reflector. It’s one of the most common types of lighting equipment used for stage illumination. These are special lamps you might have seen hanging on lighting trusses. What makes them popular is that they are very simple – there’s only one mode, and so you cannot spoil anything by adjusting the bream. As it’s said, “Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.”
  • Floodlight. The fixtures with floodlights are usually large, so it’s commonly used at outdoor locations such as stadiums. Floodlights don’t feature any lenses, these are simple lamps that can be moved either vertically or horizontally.
  • Strip Light. This equipment is used indoors. What’s interesting is that the aesthetic looks of strip lights make them effective not only to illuminate things on stages but also very popular in private houses. They look cool and provide great illumination.

What’s better: buying or renting?

Both buying and renting stage equipment have their significant advantages and disadvantages. However, we suggest that uplighting rentals in NYC are much more beneficial for you. We have several reasons why this approach is better:

  1. It’s cheaper. When you rent lighting equipment, you pay less than if you would pay for buying it.
  2. Insurance and maintenance can be included. Some companies include maintenance services in their rental packages, which means your lighting equipment will be fixed with no extra fees.
  3. Installation by professionals. If you buy lighting equipment, you will need to hire a specialist who will install it every time but when you rent, the company provides installation workers without any extra payment.
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