What do you buy a 21-year-old for their birthday?

By admin / November 22, 2017

For parents, once the kids have got to their mid-teens, buying birthday presents starts to become more difficult. When that 21st birthday comes around, things get even harder. Is 21 still the coming-of-age birthday, or has that been relegated to the 18th? For friends or work colleagues, the type of birthday present that might be considered ‘suitable’ will depend on how close the relationship might be. From the funny to the quirky, to the must have to the lifetime memento, here is a small selection of different birthday gifts. 

After-all, as they say, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’

Quirky and Funny Gifts:

Designed to be more humorous than a serious gift, quirky mementoes are great for putting the spotlight firmly on the recipient. Best handed over when the party group is gathered around the local bar, they are designed to provide the birthday boy/girl a certain amount of good humoured embarrassment and the rest of the party the opportunity to nudge and snigger at the receiver’s expense. Little bottles of such things labelled wind-relieving mints, memory loss mints, anti-aging mints and hangover relief mints go down well with the lads. While money boxes engraved ‘botox or facelift or boob job fund’ will cause a few chuckles amongst the girls. Although it might be a good idea to make sure she’s not secretly saving for any of these things!

Lifetime Mementoes: 

Many personalised gifts are purchased just for the moment. Others are bought to provide a lifelong memento of that special 21st birthday. Usually from parents, grandparents or siblings, that special personalised gift is often a piece of engraved jewellery, wrist or pocket watch, or engraved decanter and crystal glasses, to be worn or used on those special occasions. 

For the action man/woman, and something truly different, there are a whole range of 21st birthday gifts out there which take to the tracks in a driving experience. Careering around a race track in souped-up saloon car, go-kart or real F1 race car tests driving skills and gets the adrenalin flowing. Or maybe they prefer something a little slower; like guiding a big-rig through a tight winding obstacle course to provide a different kind of driving experience.

As time goes by, and the years take their toll, those lifetime mementoes, and one off experiences become more significant, rekindling memories of good times gone by.

Personalised Gifts:

Personalised gifts always go down well. From engraved beer mugs, shot glasses and wine glasses, to their very own front page newspaper headline. Tee-shirts, underwear, cushions and bags with a unique logo of some personal or workplace trait, are always good for a bit of banter as they are opened. They can also have a more personal side. Tee-shirts and vests with logos announcing a certain band, football club, place, pub or club’s biggest fan are usually well received. As are the world’s best/worst cook, cleaner, DIYer, fisherman, mechanic, driver, lover, husband or wife, the list goes on and on.

Group Nights Out:

Group nights (and days) out are becoming increasingly popular. Often family and close friends will get together to organise a surprise night out with a difference. If the party person is a party animal, booze cruises on river or sea, and bar crawls with a difference are high up the popularity list. Paintballing, assault courses and wilderness survival courses surprisingly attract both men and women. For those of a quieter disposition it could entail travelling to a top restaurant in chauffeur driven limo, enjoying a gourmet meal followed by an evening’s dancing or theatre date. Some even take it up a notch and go to a vacation hotspot to celebrate. Parties of all types for guys, girls, or mixed groups are available day or night to suit all tastes and lifestyles. 

Okay, maybe asking the party person what they would like for their 21st is kind of cheating. But in this day and age, who can blame anybody for wanting to make sure that hard earned cash they’re prepared to spend will provide the enjoyment it was meant to.

With so many ideas to choose from, there is something out there for everyone.

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