What Are the Side Effects of Plastic Surgery?

By admin / December 17, 2020

Everyone desires a sculpted, flawless body. Different people go through a series of procedures that are designed at improving overall wellbeing, often through cosmetic surgery. People who undergo cosmetic surgery do so in an effort to make them feel more confident, and not allowing excess weight to get in the way. Most major surgeries also come with a series of potential complications, which can make a routine procedure hazardous. The side effects associated with pampered lifestyles and plastic surgery are normally very minimal, but can still make a big impact on a person’s life.

One thing that should be pointed out is that the decision to opt for plastic surgery is an individual’s own personal decision. It should not come because you have been influenced or be subject to peer pressure. According to a top Plastic Surgeon in Dubai, surgeries should always be done in a proper sanitized zone, which should be a medical establishment. The staff, including the surgeon who will be performing the surgery need to be medically certified and a trained and licensed medical professional. 

1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder:

The obsession with plastic surgery can cause people to develop a mental disorder called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). An individual with this disorder will constantly focus on flaws in their physical appearance, which might not even be apparent to others. Most of the time, surgery is not the answer to alleviate these mental problems, which normally requires professional help.

2. Lap Band Surgery Complications:

While the Lap-Band procedure is successful in helping lose weight, the bad news is that a person who has this procedure is still at risk for many different complications, including depression, hunger, reflux, and vomiting.

3. Complications of Cancer Patients:

People diagnosed with breast cancer often opt to have a double mastectomy in an effort to minimize the potential for cancer. However, surgery can lead to an increased risk of death.

4. Stress Fractures:

Injuries sustained from plastic surgery are very common. Stress fractures are likely to cause major pain and be a source of complications for people who undergo plastic surgery. Stress fractures occur when people undergo drastic weight loss, which can put an undue amount of stress on delicate bones and increase the risk of breaks.

5. Digestive Disorders:

Many people experience severe digestive issues following plastic surgery. This can be caused by the stress that the body is placed under, which can cause serious pain and discomfort. This can also lead to more acid reflux or vomiting.

6. Hematoma:

A hematoma is a blood clot that needs to be surgically removed but can also damage any tissue near the clot. This can lead to a lot of pain in the affected area, as well as possible mobility problems.

7. Infections:

Because of the number of incisions wounds in the body of a plastic surgery patient, it makes it easier for the body to be infected, because of the germ content that enters these wounds. This can lead to serious infections that can take time to get rid of, and also lead to the spread of bacteria to neighboring organs.

However, you can avoid these problems, by seeking the help of a certified doctor who has a lot of experience with these procedures and taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy body before and after plastic surgery. Call for a plastic surgery in Montreal for professional, top quality treatment.


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