What Are The Benefits Of A Home Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

Central heating is something we’re usually initially pleased with. That is until we have several people at home and the air becomes stale and stuffy while we roast! You can get a mini air filtration unit, but they tend to only work in one room, take up floor space and are bulky to move around.

Another option is a home heat recovery ventilation system. This is designed to improve the air quality within the home while also better managing heat in different parts of the property.

Let’s look at the some of the clear benefits of getting a home heat recovery ventilation system installed.

Air Filtration

Air filtration is a hot topic currently. More people than ever are suffering from different kinds of allergies. The reasons include, oddly enough, climate change, metal, food, air pollutants and greater sensitivity than ever before. We’ve become a world of overly sensitive people and it manifests itself in different ways.

In the home, dust particles kick up and stay in the air. Without making the effort to remove them, they can cause physical reactions when they overwhelm your system. You can open your front windows to get some “fresh” air into the living room – if you’re even able to do so with modern sets of windows – but you may get exhaust fumes into the bargain. It’s also a security risk to leave a window open unattended just to get some new air moving around.

Using a heat recovery ventilation system from BPC Ventilation changes all that. Stale air is removed, air is pulled in from outside the property and then filtered for pollutants. The cleaner, new air is then distributed inside the home. It’s even more effective when you have smokers in the house too!

Heat Re-Distribution

When the stale air is removed from each room in the home, the heat is extracted from it along with pollutants it’s collected along the way. Once the new air is pulled in from outside, it is also filtered and then the retained heat is added to the clean air. Once this process is complete, the air is distributed through different rooms in the home. In this way, heaters operating in only a few rooms of the house can indirectly cause heat to be spread heat throughout the home.

Full Control

Quality heat recovery systems come with a control panel. Using this panel, it is possible to see what the current temperature is in different parts of the property. The heat can then be redirected, as needed, to make the home more comfortable for all inhabitants. The control panels are easy to use and require little instruction to understand them, so even the kids can make the adjustments as needed.

Adding a heat recovery system to your home provides cleaner air on a regular basis. It’s filtered to screen out pollutants and the gentle recycling process ensures a low-noise, low operating cost system which manages retained heat better. As a result, heating costs tend to decrease, and illnesses happen less frequently because temperatures in different parts of the home don’t fluctuate anywhere near as much in the colder months.

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