What Are Custom Size Dry Erase Boards?

By admin / October 9, 2021

We’ve all noticed those giant whiteboards on the wall in our classroom or office. We are all pretty familiar with them.

Their function is quite simple. You just write what you need on them, and then when you’re done, you erase it. But, that’s not all we need to know about these boards.

There is more than just a simple whiteboard on the wall. We didn’t always have it so easy like today.

Before we even had these whiteboards, we used chalky blackboards that were not so fun to use, like the whiteboards. The chalkboards were so much more complicated to use since it was harder to wipe everything that you had written on it. But that was all that people had back then.

Ever since people started having allergies from the dust from the chalk, their use began to slowly decrease. This was when a new solution for it was out on the look.

In the 1900s was when whiteboards started to appear. People were trying to find a way to create a board that could be easy to use and not causes any damage while using it.

Unlike the chalkboard, the whiteboard was a type of board that people created that wouldn’t make any dust or anything when erasing the writing. That is why they are mostly known as dry erase boards.

Instead of using chalk to write on it, there was a dry erase marker that was created to be used instead. Now it is as simple as you might think. You just write on the board with the marker and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. If you want to know more about this, follow the link https://www.clarus.com/blog/best-practices-for-cleaning-a-dry-erase-board/.

Ever since these dry erase boards became popular, it was in the works for people to create as many types of them as possible. Now that they have started to be used in almost every facility, not the same material is going to be useful for it.

This is why there are now few types of the whiteboard on the market. We’re going to name the most common ones. These boards can be made out of glass, acrylic, melamine, and porcelain based on the material.

It all depends if you want your board to be as light as possible or that just simply doesn’t matter. Some materials are more expensive than others, so that is something to take into consideration.

The cheapest option that you can go for is melamine. This material, when used on a board, doesn’t last long. So if you use it quite often, you will notice that it will start to get a more greyish color over time.

Glass boards are the newest addition to the whiteboard market. This has become one of the most popular choices for companies because it is very easy to write on it and then erase it. These boards are also used in schools, offices.

Another good choice for any office space or any room in a business environment if you consider getting a more giant board is the acrylic board. It can be easily shaped however you may like, and it can be cut to be smaller than you thought at first.

Acrylic can come in many colors, so you would be able to have a board that will match with the interior of the room it is placed in. if you ever consider getting this type, maybe you should check this page out.

Since these whiteboards are so popular now, many companies have started working with them. Either they make them and sell them, or they have someone sell their products for them, it has become quite the popular thing.

Before, when the production of a whiteboard started, there was only a tiny handful of options that were available for customers. Still, now there are plenty of choices to choose from. If there is anything that doesn’t catch your eye, then there is a possibility for you to have it customized based on your needs.

These companies can make the shape that you want, the material that you desire. It can be in any size that you want. Whatever dry erase board custom size you want, you can get it.

It doesn’t matter where you need it and how you want it made. They can make everything possible. The only intention of making these boards is to make everyone’s job easier. You won’t have to worry about getting dust on you or on the stuff around you.

You just write on it and wipe it off. It is that simple. There are plenty of options that you can choose from, and you just have to think about what might work the best in the environment that you put it in.


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