Underground Cellar Explains How to Choose the Perfect Wine for Every Occasion

By admin / September 28, 2021

Wine is an investment, no doubt about it. Wine can be the kind of investment that you want to last for years or even decades. Or, wine can also be a way to commemorate a special occasion with friends and family.

There are several questions that need answering when choosing the perfect wine for every situation. The first question that needs to be answered is what wine goes best with food. This is a simple question but has a complicated answer. There are so many different foods from all over the world that pair up nicely with a glass of wine, and it can be hard to know which wines pair up well together. So here’s a guide to pairing wine and food:


Acidity levels of wines vary, and they should be taken into consideration when pairing with foods. A wine with a higher acidity level can help cut through the fattiness of greasy foods, which is why Chianti goes so nicely with fatty meats such as lamb. However, if the food is already very flavorful, a wine with a high acidity level can overwhelm the food. Then again, wines with low acidity levels are good for bland foods but don’t really help make the taste pop.

With different foods, the wine may change if it’s red or white. For example, when pairing food and white wines, you should choose one with a higher acidity level to cut through the fattiness of a meal—think about pairing a Chardonnay with seafood. On the other hand, red wines work well with fatty meats because they have enough tannins to cut through the meat, which helps cleanse the palate.

Pairing Red and White Wine

Now that you know how acidity levels should be used to pair wine with food, it’s time to look at pairing red wine and white wine. When pairing these types of wines together, several points should be considered.

It’s important to know that when serving a white wine after a red one, the whites should be served well-chilled, so they don’t taste dull next to the more robust flavors of the reds.

Pairing Food and Wine from Around the World

When pairing food from around the world with wines, it’s important to remember that some wines are more versatile than others. A good rule of thumb is to match the wine with the color of the food, not the dish’s ingredients. For example, if you’re serving seafood, go for a white or blush wine that’s not too dry.

When serving Italian food, stick with Chianti or other Italian-style reds. If Asian food is on the menu, go with wines made from grapes you usually see in wines from that region of the world. For example, pair white wines with sushi and sashimi to bring out their flavors.

So when it comes to finding the perfect wine for every occasion, remember that there are different wines for pairing with other foods. At Underground Cellar, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect wine for any occasion by providing thousands of wines in different categories.


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