There’s an App for That: Top-Rated Apps to Help with Addiction Recovery

By admin / March 8, 2019

When you’re working to change your lifestyle for the better, you need all the help you can get. These days, you can get help by keeping your smartphone handy. 

With today’s abundance of apps, there truly is an app for everything–including help to overcome addiction. In December 2018, the FDA approved the first app to help treat individuals in outpatient treatment programs who struggle with an opioid use disorder.

It’s called the reSET-O app and requires a prescription. Don’t have a prescription? Don’t worry. 

Here are some of the top-rated addiction recovery apps anyone can use. 

What Do Addiction Apps Do?

Addiction or recovery apps can’t stop your addiction. However, these apps can be a helpful tool to support you through your recovery process. 

Many apps are specific to one or two different kinds of addiction. Other apps offer more addiction or bad habit options.

Sometimes one addiction comes with other addictions. Help for more than one problem using a single app can be ideal. 

Use recovery apps for help with:

  • Keeping a Journal
  • Finding a support group
  • Motivational messages
  • Recording activities or moods
  • News about recovery or addictions

Find the app that works best for you. When you find it, be sure you use it regularly to support your recovery. 

Quit That!

For less serious addictions, the Quit That! app might be a good choice for you.

Customize Quit That! to help you stop almost any bad habit–from too much digital time, watching too much TV, or smoking marijuana.

Quit That! is free through the iTunes store. Use it to track progress toward your goal of reducing or ending a bad habit or addiction. 


Does money motivate you? It might if you use SoberTool.

SoberTool tracks the estimated money you’re saving compared to what you were spending on drugs or alcohol before you began recovery.

This app is one of the easiest ways to track your sober days. Use the daily motivational messages to stay focused. Set reminders to help you stay steady through your recovery.

If you’re struggling with a trigger, use SoberTool’s special feature to help you avoid relapse. Answer questions designed to help you shift focus away from the trigger and stay sober. 

AA Big Book Free

If you’re involved with Alcoholics Anonymous, use the free app that goes along with the 12-Step program. 

There’s no need to carry a copy of the book with you. Full text of the book is on your app. 

You can also use the meeting finder to find a nearby meeting where you are. Listen to podcasts and recite prayers within the app for encouragement. 

I Am Sober

This app is available for either iPhones or Android devices. I Am Sober features an intuitive user interface to help you work through the app’s features.

The app uses a behavioral change model to help you along the way. 

Keep a daily log. Record progress, earn achievements, and celebrate milestones along your recovery journey. 


Use Addicaid to help recover from an addiction–or to help prevent addiction. 

The app features help for several addictions included sex addiction and alcoholism.

One of Addicaid’s most valuable features helps you curb activity that could lead to addiction. This prevention feature helps you recognize patterns before you reach addiction.  

The app helps you find local support groups. It also has a chat feature to help you connect with other app users for support. 

Addicaid helps with your eating habits, helps you develop a successful routine to reduce cravings. The app also gives you quick access to hotlines in an emergency. 


recoveryBox utilizes a unique system of warnings to help you stay on track with your recovery. 

No matter your specific addiction, recoveryBox can help. Set up the app to take advantage of highlighting accountability.

Keep track of triggers daily. The app helps you break them down by a traffic light system.

Use red if you made a negative choice. Yellow gives you a warning that you’re in danger of getting off target. Green means “go” for a positive choice.

With recoveryBox, you can also include your counselor. Email updates or reports to your counselor or sponsor.

Squirrel Recovery

This addiction recovery app helps anyone working through recovery from heroin addiction

Newer to the market, scientists developed Squirrel Recovery through the Ohio State Innovation Fund. The power of this app comes from using positive reinforcement to support heroin addicts through recovery.

The power of social support also makes this a great app to encourage successful recovery.

Set up your social support system through the app. Then Squirrel Recovery sends automatic text messages throughout the day to your contacts according to how you’ve set up your system. These texts remind your contacts to check in with you throughout the day. 

If you’re an Android user, your version of the app includes a panic button. When you have a sudden urge or a craving that you can’t control, hit your panic button for immediate support. 

If You Need More Help Than an App

While these addiction apps are helpful tools to support your recovery, never settle for an app if you need more help than an app can provide. 

Don’t let embarrassment keep you from asking for help. Avoid using sobriety apps to treat your addiction in secret or on your own. 

From drug detox to in-patient treatment at the start of your recovery, get help here or from an addiction recovery center near you. 

Addiction Recovery Apps Support Your Journey

The journey from addiction to recovery is long and difficult. Using addiction recovery apps can help support you on your journey. 

We carry our smartphones everywhere. Use an app in your pocket to track progress, help fight cravings, and reach out for help when needed. 

Maintaining a healthy diet can also help your recovery. Choosing the right kinds of food and keeping a regular eating schedule helps keep you on track.

Read more about foods that help boost your focus and memory. 

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