The future of Israel – a country for all Jews

By admin / June 17, 2019

Vladimir Sloutsker, politician, businessman, president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, the person who regularly defends the interests of Israel at various levels. Being a Jew, from his young age he was faced with a negative attitude towards his nation. Especially, when universities denied him in right to study. Since then, he has been an active fighter for the rights of his people. Mr. Sloutsker was able to return to his historic homeland only at a mature age, as it was impossible in childhood because of the serious work of his parents.

After that, he founded the Israeli-Jewish Congress. Now Vladimir Sloutsker ( can confidently express his thoughts on the future of Israel:

• The main task of the Congress created by him is to establish relations between the Jews living in Europe and the Israeli government, organizations, officials. Joint forces will effectively and quickly eradicate anti-Semitic attacks. Congress has already achieved a great result in 2013 as they established a dialogue between the Jewish communities of Israel, the USA, and European countries.

• Every person who can prove his Jewish background should have a chance to get Israeli citizenship. There is a parallel with British law, where a person who has proved his close relationship with the British can become a citizen of the country. Such a solution would be great for those who want to get an Israeli passport, but do not have an opportunity to leave the country where they live. Another task of the Congress is to restore the interrelation of the new generation with the diaspora since not all young people wish to get Israeli citizenship. This step will also make the fight against anti-Semitism more effective.

• Jerusalem must be recognized as the capital of Israel.

• It is important to conduct a powerful information policy aimed at combating intolerance and hatred. We need to unite the forces of all religions and races to achieve the desired result.

Since Vladimir Sloutsker is a member of British Jewry, he draws attention that this community is one of the best organized in the world. Besides, the UK government supports the fight against anti-Semitism, provides whatever assistance. But still, the United Kingdom has not yet banned Hezbollah, a group that is considered a terrorist in the United States, Canada, Israel, and other countries.

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