The Dead Sea for Kids: Ways to Enjoy the Dead Sea with Children

By admin / March 21, 2018

Are you looking for your next family adventure? If you are tired of bringing your kids to theme parks but you still want them to enjoy a unique experience, why don’t you arrange a trip to the Dead Sea?

This is something your kids would surely look forward to the moment they understand more about the place. To begin with, the idea of floating on the water would be fascinating for them. They can also play with the mud and wipe it all over their bodies, which they might already be doing at home using other items.

If you have decided that this is the next trip that you are going to take, here are some tips for you to consider.

Enjoy the water

This trip won’t be complete if you can’t give them the chance to go into the waters. Just make sure they are advised not to stay there for a long time. A few minutes would suffice. Also let them know that they should not drink the water as it comes with really high salt concentration. Better yet, stay with them on the shore and just dip their feet on the water.

Play cards while floating

This is a good idea only for older kids who can take the high salt concentration. This is a perfect game for adults though. If not cards, you can just ask them to bring other toys with them and you can play on the shore for a while.

Visit museums

Around the Dead Sea, there are other places that are worth visiting. You can even find museums where century-old artifacts can be found. It can be a meaningful and educational trip for them if you bring them to these places.

Check out hotel pools

If you are afraid your kids won’t feel fine with saltwater, you can take them to hotel pools. There are some pools using freshwater. This somewhat replicates the experience of being on the beach, but it is safer for your children.

Visit some ruins

The Dead Sea region is rich in history. There are a lot of ruins all over the area. From synagogues to temples, they are great places to educate your kids about the past. You can take photos with them too.

A few tips

Before you head to the Dead Sea, remind your kids not to stay away from you. Outside the region, it might not be totally safe for them. A lot of locals also don’t speak English well. They can’t afford to get lost. While on the water, remind them not to swim. It is not possible to swim on this type of sea. Be careful with water splash as it can be very painful to the eyes. Don’t forget to bring freshwater too just in case.

Hopefully, you will have a family adventure of a lifetime at the Dead Sea.

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