The Best Way to Travel with Money: 5 Pro Tips to Keep You Safer

By admin / March 27, 2019

Every day, 400,000 tourists are targeted by pick-pockets and muggers when traveling worldwide. The instances of mugging are high on a national level as well if a target looks like a tourist.

Therefore, it’s smart to figure out the best way to travel with money prior to your next trip. Here are some tips to help you make informed decisions about your cash and cards.

1. Store Your Money Under Layers Of Clothing

Where do you usually keep your money stored while out and about?

If you use a shoulder bag or a wallet to keep your money secure, you’re not alone. Most people don’t think it necessary to secure their money away from prying eyes.

When you’re traveling though, you are more vulnerable than when getting around locally. It’s a good idea to store your valuables more securely and less visibly than in your standard purse. The goal is to appear not to have anything of value.

Steer clear of fanny packs and other wearable pouches that are designed for use over your clothes. Instead, opt for under-outfit pouches. You can even adapt certain clothes to serve as your money holder. For instance, you can use your bra to hold discretely-folded wads of cash

2. Divide Your Cash And Cards

Are you packing all of your valuables in one place while traveling?

You shouldn’t bring all of your cards and cash on your trip. In addition to leaving some credit cards at home, consider storing your cash in two or three separate places.

Keep your smaller bills on-hand in case you need to use cash in a pinch. If you have to take larger bills with you, keep them hidden in your hotel room’s safe.

Consider leaving your regular credit cards at home. Take your debit card and one or two emergency credit cards. Make sure your cards are able to be used at your destination. If not you can opt for a travel card. This credit card is designed to be travel-friendly.

3. The Best Way To Travel With Money Is Minimal Cash

As previously mentioned, try not to travel with a lot of cash-on-hand. Whenever possible, work with cards or other digital exchange options to make purchases and pay for bills. Cash is untraceable, and therefore easier for muggers to run away with.

4. Make A Credit Card Plan

Does your main card travel well?

If you don’t currently have a travel-friendly card, consider investing in one before your trip.

Services such as this credit card allow you to travel with an accessible way to make payments globally.

Find a universal card that you like: Master and Visa are the most frequently accepted cards from the United States.

Prior to your trip, call your credit cardholder and explain that you are traveling. this way, your cardholder won’t issue a hold on your foreign transactions. Your card also won’t be flagged for suspicious activities due to frequent purchases.

5. Budget Well Before Your Trip

How much money do you really need on your trip?

Before you set foot on the road, figure out your expenses. Factor in every little detail instead of just focusing on the big picture.

for instance:

  • Food outside of your meal plan (if you have one)
  • Tips for wait staff and housekeepers
  • Money for taxi fare and gas (if you’re renting a car)
  • Medical or logistical emergencies.

It’s best to have a little too much money on you while traveling, but not so much that you are a target. Careful budgeting will help you maintain that ideal balance.

Need More Tips?

Have you found the best way to travel with money that works for you?

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