Study Hard, Play Hard: Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas for College Grads

By admin / August 4, 2020

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You finally made it. All those late nights of studying and writing papers have finally come to an end. No more due dates, midterms, homework, group projects, or finals.

You’re now a college graduate! It was a wild ride and worth all the endless hours of hard work, but now it’s time to settle into the idea that you’re no longer a college student. What does that mean?

It’s time to start thinking of some outdoor graduation party ideas! Turn that thinking cap on one last time for your college career, and start planning your graduation party.

You know you’re going to throw a party, and you know you want to do something different. You’re not sure where to start, though, but we have you covered. Continue scrolling down this page for our list of several graduation party ideas that are all outdoors!

Graduation Yacht Party

What better way to end the school semester than enjoying a day out on the yacht? Don’t own a yacht? No problem!

There are plenty of places that’ll let you rent a yacht for the day. Do a bit of research to find one in your area. Grab a few friends and then set sail!

You can request to have a captain come with the yacht so no one has to worry about being the one in control of the yacht. You can also request there to be a chef on board who’ll cook up some of your favorite dishes.

When planning your yacht party, remember to plan ahead, bring your favorite tunes, and get ready to celebrate!

Graduation Garden Party

Yachts are great for those who are seeking an end of college party bash in style. For those who enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere, considering throwing a graduation garden party. You can rent out a venue, or you can create the set up in your own backyard.

Add a few round fold-up tables in your garden. Cover them with white table cloths or the color of your choice. You can use fold-up chairs as well and cover them with chair covers.

Place centerpieces on each table. You can take the garden approach and use flowers in vases or do something different with a more college graduation theme if preferred. Order food or cook the night before and have it ready to serve.

You should also have a table dedicated to drinks. Keep ice in bins at this table and include a keg as well.

Outdoor Buffet Party

If you like the idea of having a graduation party in your backyard, but want something less formal than a garden party, then consider throwing an outdoor buffet party! Set tables up how you like.

Be sure to use disposable table cloths for easy cleanups. Line up a few rectangular fold-up tables and place all your tins of food on them. Leave out utensils at each tin for guests to use.

Plates, silverware, napkins, and eating utensils can all be placed at the beginning of the buffet for guests to grab. Be sure to blast the tunes and make it a buffet party everyone will remember. Take it up a notch by turning this buffet into a seafood feast.

Lay the seafood boil out on one table with a plastic clean table cloth and dig in!

Graduation Party at the Beach

If you live near a beach of any sort, then planning a graduation beach party might be the best idea yet. You don’t even need a boat if you don’t have one. Pack up the car and hit the road with your family and friends.

Find a nice spot at the beach and set up. Bring one large tent with you to be the main area for cooking. You’ll want another large tent set up for shaded seating.

Bring a portable grill and a fold-up table for all the condiments and utensils. Grill up some hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, and whatever else you feel like serving. Remember to bring a large cooler or two with plenty of ice, water, and cold drinks as well.

Graduation Pool Party

Like the idea of partying in the water, but the ocean or beach isn’t your thing? Throw a graduation pool party instead. Rent a rental house or find a friend who’ll let you borrow their pool and begin planning.

You’ll want to have music, food, drinks, towels, and of course a few pool floats. To make sure there’s no too much leftover to clean, you can keep everything and everyone outside in the pool area.

Bring all food and drinks outside as if it were at the beach. You can also lay plastic and towels down to connect from the pool to the indoor bathroom if needed.

Riverwalk Graduation Party

Riverwalks are beautiful and a lot of fun. If you’d like a more adventurous graduation party, then consider setting up at a local riverwalk in the park. You can have your main setup in a grassy area.

Include all your food, drinks, music, chairs, and tables. Then, look into what your riverwalk has to offer. Most riverwalks allow for bike rentals, kayak rentals, boat tours, and more!

Bring a few outdoor games as well such as cornhole, frisbee, beer pong, and any other outdoor games you can think of.

Which Outdoor Graduation Party Ideas Interest You the Most?

With so many great outdoor graduation party ideas to choose from, it might be hard to choose just one! Which ones interest you the most? Sit down with family or a few friends and discuss which idea would work out best for you.

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