Should I Buy a Mobile Home?

By admin / March 27, 2020

There’s no doubt that a home is easily the most significant purchase that a person will typically make over the course of their lifetime.

Thus, it’s incredibly important that you get the purchase right on the first try; there should be no second-guessing of your decision or any regrets once you’ve signed the deed.

That’s why figuring out whether or not you should consider owning a mobile home is such a complex decision. In this article, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of buying a mobile home to help you as you attempt to make this decision.

Decide the Purpose of Owning a Mobile Home First

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the purpose of the mobile home, should you purchase it. Is this going to be your primary residence, or are you buying a mobile home as an investment opportunity?

If you’re purchasing it solely as an investment opportunity, then you’re going to have to think through this decision in a different way. You’ll have to crunch the numbers and talk to real estate agents while analyzing the market to see what you need to purchase to generate the ROI you want.

If you’re purchasing the mobile home as your primary residence, then the conversation becomes all about what you want the house to look like and is much less a conversation regarding the value of the home itself.

Pros of Buying a Mobile Home

The primary benefit of purchasing a mobile home is affordability. A manufactured home is far less expensive than building or buying a traditional-style house.

Another significant pro is the versatility of a mobile home. Because of their modular nature, mobile homes can very easily be added on to. So if your family grows, your home can grow right along with it!

Last but not least, the time it takes to get set up with a mobile home is far shorter than the time it takes to build a traditional-style house. You can have a mobile home manufactured and installed within just a couple of months. Whereas constructing a traditional home typically takes more than a year.

Cons of Buying a Mobile Home

That’s not to say that owning a mobile home comes without significant disadvantages. A mobile house depreciates quicker than a traditional-style house, due to it being regarded as personal property rather than permanent property.

That means that the long-term value of your mobile home won’t be near as high as the long-term value of a traditional-style house. What’s more, there’s also a social stigma that goes against the owners of mobile homes. Sadly, this sentiment still exists across the United States even today.

Make Your Decision

Now that you’re armed with the pros and cons of owning a mobile home, you’re ready to decide whether or not to purchase one. We promise, the pros will outweigh the cons for most readers, so forget about the social stigma and do what’s best for you and your family!

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