Be Ready With The Right First Impression

By admin / February 20, 2018

When we are first introduced to people we want to leave the right kind of impression. Perhaps, this involves adding an extension to the front of the house or updating the exterior by adding more decor. We say that first impressions is true of homes; that’s why we bring out our best to show guests what kind of home we have. Before anyone sees the inside, they first encounter the front door. A lot rides on the first impression of the door. It should be welcoming enough for people to feel comfortable about the house, but not so welcoming to invite unwanted guests. No one wants to be that nice.

Composite door manufacturers are aware of the balance that needs to be kept. Besides keeping up with what is required safety-wise, you can customise your doors as well. A customised door doesn’t mean carved embellishments, although you can if you are into that kind of style. It means that you can choose the elements of the door. Do you want frosted glass? Brass handles? A dog door? These touches keep a clean classic look while being fitted with the features that best suit your lifestyle.

Pick a Door Style

There are many kinds of door styles. Although if you have a pre-fabricated house or you are opting to restore an old family home, it might be too much to ask for French doors when you have a composite door. First, select a style and read up on the unique features the style offers historically.

After you have decided on a style, start looking into colours. The colour should depend on how well it suits the paint job on the exterior of your home and the surrounding environment. Common choices are neutral colours such as brown, black, and dark maroon. Avoid white because it is hard to maintain; unless you like the dirty white look, which has a character of its own. There are people who choose bolder colours like bright red or light blue that makes it impossible to miss the door. Picking a colour shows off your personality.

Update the System

If you like classic doors, old heavy wood with intricate carvings, by all means, go for it. However, you have to update the hardware or do a little bit of maintenance if you prefer antique ironwork. Function goes hand and hand with style. Check the state of the hinges and select a good lock. Make sure they aren’t knockoffs and that they have been tested.

By keeping the balance between classic looks and modern finishing or eclectic style and good locks, you give off the right image. A house that looks secure is the best image to show potential visitors. It either reassures your guests or reminds thieves that you have taken extra measures and that yours won’t be a house that will be easy to rob.

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