Preparing Your House for Sale: 9 Ways to Ensure It’s Ready for Buyers

By admin / January 21, 2019

Are you ready to get your house off the market? Waiting for your house to sell can be frustrating and confusing.

If only you had a quick and easy list to follow that would get your house sold.

Well, now you do! These minor changes and tasks are all your house needs to catch the eye of the right buyer. The trick is getting in your buyer’s mind and catering to what they want.

Preparing your house for sale has never been so stress-free. Keep reading for the nine things you can do to help your house sell.

1. Clean Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

We tend to get lazy with our own home’s cleaning. It’s common to neglect the nooks and crannies that we don’t see or use.

But, those are the places house shoppers are going to look at.

Either hire a cleaning service or do a deep clean yourself. Make sure you wipe the baseboards and blinds. Clean the tiles in the bathroom and buttons on the oven.

You may want to make a house cleaning checklist to ensure you get everywhere. This is especially helpful if you have little ones or pets running around. Loved ones always make bigger messes!

2. Repair the Necessities

There are a handful of non-negotiables you usually need to fix when selling. These include the roof, plumbing, and electrical.

Buyers want to know the roof got replaced recently so they don’t have to. Plumbing needs to be efficient and updated. Electrical must be safe and usable.

You may want to hire a handyman or contractor to assess these features in your house. Also, discuss big renovations with your bank and real estate agent.

3. Landscape the Yard

Curb appeal is almost as important as the interior of your home. When buyers pull up to your house, what will they see?

Empty and put away the trash and recycling bins. Clean up any dead branches and plant debris from the yard. Mow the lawn and remove any weeds.

Going above and beyond here will pay off. Plant some new flowers and give the driveway a wash.

4. Make the Front Porch Feel Welcoming

When they walk up the driveway to your door, make them feel welcome. It should be like welcoming them to their soon-to-be new home.

You can do this by buying a new porch mat and brushing away any cobwebs. Sweep the porch and put out a nice plant or two. Set up some basic patio furniture to create a homey setting.

It should also show new buyers how safe your home is. Consider installing security cameras and updating the locks on your front door.

5. Declutter and Depersonalize

You’ve had many wonderful years in your house. Keeping pictures and mementos around makes you feel happy.

Unfortunately, your personal items will make house shoppers uncomfortable. It’s hard for them to picture their lives here if yours is clearly so intertwined still.

Remember that your house is going to be a home for the new buyer. You want to get it ready for their memories and mementos. Put yours in a suitcase and don’t unpack until you’re at your new place.

6. Do a Quick Coat of Paint

A quick wash of paint can do wonders for a house! Both on the inside and out.

Hire a painting company to revamp your exterior house paint. You don’t have to change the color; make it look clean and well-kept.

Inside, walls can take a beating. Clean away the scuff marks and fill in the holes. Then, give the interior space a fresh coat as well.

If you’re going to pick new colors, always choose neutral ones. When you’re selling a house, it’s about the buyer’s personality. Creating a neutral palette allows them to picture what they want to do with the space.

7. Store Your Junk Elsewhere

One of the most important things buyers look for in a new house is storage space. We all have stuff that we need to store or hide away.

You can be sure that shoppers will open your closets during the open house. They’ll also check out the garage.

Prepare for this by clearing out all your junk. This allows them to see the full amount of storage space. Plus, no one wants to look at other people’s junk.

8. Affordable Cosmetic Updates

If you have a budget for preparing the house for sale, consider a few minor updates. You don’t want to spend a fortune on this house since you’re moving, but some updates will increase your profit.

For example, outdated kitchen cabinetry is a huge turn-off. Consider replacing the kitchen cabinet doors.

If the bathroom looks outdated and well, gross, update it. Buy a basic new toilet. Deep clean or replace the shower tiles.

It’s these small cosmetic updates that impress the buyer. But, there are some updates you should avoid doing. Learn more about which renovations are worth doing for your house for sale.

9. Embrace Nature

Even if your house is in an urban city, home buyers love nature. They like seeing elements of the outdoors inside. It makes the house feel serene, fresh, and clean.

Consider buying a few houseplants to put in window sills and on tables. Succulents look gorgeous on bathroom counters.

Natural light is a huge selling point for house buyers. Make sure your curtains and blinds are open so as much light gets in as possible.

Want More Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale?

Selling your house doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating. Get inside the mind of the buyer and cater to what they want. What do you look for when shopping for a new house?

Follow the tips above to get all your bases covered. Remember to clean, organize, and add freshness.

There’s lots more to preparing your house for sale than just staging. Read more in the Home Improvement section to see how else to improve your property. Whether you’re buying or selling, learning the tried and true hacks is the smartest thing you can do.

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