Popular Chrome, Firefox Browser Add-On That Google, Mozilla Just Banished

By admin / July 16, 2018

Stylish is a popular Chrome, Firefox browser add-on that Google, Mozilla just banished. If you’re a fan of the browser extension Stylish, which allows individuals to use an overlay on websites and to hide any features which they don’t want to see, you may be shocked and disappointed to hear that Stylish has been banned from multiple browser systems.

To discover why Stylish, which had accumulated over 2 million users has been banned by Google and Mozilla simply continue to learn about the demise of Stylish.

Why Stylish has been banned by Google and Mozilla:

In recent months both Google and Mozilla received multiple complaints from users who claimed that Stylish had been illegally collecting data from its users. Such complaints put forward the idea that Stylish specifically collected data about users’ visits to websites which could be used to identify them.

Robert Heaton a software engineer was once a fan of Stylish and used the add-on for several years before realizing that Stylish had been quietly recording his internet history, including information which would identify him. Such as his visits to his social media accounts, email account, and bank account.

Was Stylish ever safe to use?

Reports about Stylish stealing users’ information started to flood in after Stylish was sold by it’s second owner to an Israeli web analytics firm named Similiar Web. Once Similiar Web acquired Stylish, it’s owners quickly and quietly made changes to Stylish’s long-standing privacy policies, a move which users picked up on in January 2017, just a few months after Similiar Web acquired the popular add-on.

What changes did Similiar Web make to Stylish’s user policy:

One of the most noticeable changes which was made was that users would have to accept the fact that Stylish would be able to collect data about users web habits. Information which would could be collected under Stylish’s new policy included users’ HTTP requests, IP addresses, search engine data, and keywords.

However, Stylish’s new owners stood by their rather controversial policy by stating that all information would be anonymously collected and could not be traced back to any one individual. A fact which Google and Firefox later discovered to be false.

The end of Stylish:

Stylish has officially been disabled by both Firefox and Google but has not yet been permanently removed by either Google or Firefox. If you attempt to visit the Stylish page on Google’s Chrome store you’ll come across a 404 page.

Is there a chance that Stylish will be re-released in the future:

For now, there are no plans for Stylish to be rereleased by Google or Firefox but if changes are made to Stylish and its public policies, there is a small chance that Stylish may return to both browsers.

For the time being fans of Stylish may be interested in experimenting with alternative add-ons which offer similar benefits to Stylish such as Stylish. Which was a popular add-on prior to the release of Stylish! However both Google and Firefox offer a wide variety of options, such as the ones you can find at, https://topvpnchoice.com/best-vpns-for-firefox/ which you may want to consider trying out.

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