What You Need To Know About Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are products of the combination of technology and preferred natural flooring. Vinyl tiles have been in use for a very long time. New designs and better-quality vinyl tiles are being released every year. They are branded luxury vinyl tiles as they mimic natural stones like marble and slate.

How they are made

There are two models of luxury vinyl tiles: rotogravure vinyl tiles and inlay vinyl tiles. If you are wondering how vinyl tiles are made, Rotogravure vinyl tiles are made with the top layer painted with vinyl paint and a protective coating. On the other hand, inlay vinyl tiles have uniform colour throughout their structure. It has many layers of the same colour merged together. This is an advantage as even if the top layer wears out, the colour remains constant.

Advantages of using vinyl tiles

If you are looking for a long-lasting floor option that is pocket-friendly, luxury vinyl flooring should be your first choice. This type of floor adds a modern feel to your home. Below are the advantages of using these tiles to floor your kitchen or bathroom.

Easy to find

You can order luxury vinyl tiles online or by visit flooring companies around your locality.

Easy installation

Installing luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is very easy. These tiles come with different ways of fitting. Some are glued while others interlock. These simple features favour clients who consider installing these tiles for themselves or those who prefer hiring a professional installer.

Trouble-free maintenance

Unlike other hard flooring materials that require polishing or waxing, LVTs have a protective layer that maintains the new look for a long time. This layer protects the floor from staining, scratches, and fading. Cleaning these tiles requires you to only sweep and mop occasionally.

Trending designs

There are so many designs to choose from when considering vinyl tiles. With modern high-tech manufacturing, they are available in many colours and forms, these tiles are made to mimic natural stones making it difficult to even note the difference. When installed, they give a prestigious feel to your home. These features make the tiles popular for family rooms.

Soft surface

Vinyl tiles have a softer surface compared to other hard flooring options. This is because they are made relatively flexible, thus giving a more comfortable feel, especially where you have to stand for long periods of time.

Water resistant

Vinyl tiles are water resistant and this makes it possible to install new ones directly over other types of floors. It is also why these tiles don’t attract dirt. These tiles are a good option when you are renovating a home with cracked floors or even places like popular restaurants and cafes or corridors that have much foot traffic.

All these benefits are the reasons behind these tiles becoming the most popular trend in the world. They are the ultimate affordable yet durable option.

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