Moving Advice: 8 Ways to Make Your Move Easier

By admin / March 22, 2020

Moving to a new house can be fun and exciting but the actual process is far from it. Moving can be frustrating and stressful especially if you have a large family. It’s generally not a walk at the park for anyone.

Starting a new life in a different place is time-consuming, inconvenient and labor-intensive unless you get a moving company to do the hard work for you.

Check out these eight pieces of moving advice that will make your move easier.

1. Create A Timetable

It’s very easy to keep procrastinating, thinking you’ve got enough time to pack everything. Before you begin your moving process, sit down and create a schedule.

Calculate the time you’ve got before the moving day and then plan how much time you’ll use to pack each room. Having a schedule will help you avoid the last-minute rush, which can be very frustrating.

2. Get Rid Of All Items You No Longer Use

Take a long hard look at all your items. There are some things that haven’t seen the light of day for so long. Put them aside and sort them out.

Get rid of the items that can no longer be used and consider donating the products that are good in a condition. This will reduce the bulk of the things you need to pack and create more space in your new room for the important stuff

3. Label Essential Boxes

As you’re packing up your space, it’s vital that you label boxes with essentials in them. These are things that would lead you to tear all the boxes to find. Think exercise gear, toiletries, favorite shoes, checkbooks, food for your pet, medication, etc.

Basically, the items you need to start using immediately you get in your new home. Use as many boxes as you need but try to keep them organized in categories if possible. Ensure to mark the boxes properly to prevent them from getting mixed up with the rest.

If you’ve got a car with enough space, consider keeping the “open first” boxes and other items like keys with you just in case the moving track delays.

Labeling System

This is probably the best moving advice. This will make your unpacking process easier. There are many ways you can go about forming a labeling organization system.

You can find different storage bin colors for different rooms. If you can’t get different boxes, use colored tape to label boxes for different rooms and label what’s inside every box with a sticker indicating what it holds. You can be general or specific about this, for example, “baby clothes” or “shirts and pants”, etc.

You can also photograph the items in every box before sealing it, write a number and take a picture as well. This will help you remember what is inside every box.

This will save you from running with one box from one room to another, which is exhausting and time-consuming.

4. Keep The Boxes Lightweight

You want to have a few boxes to unpack as well as minimize the moving costs. Yet, this might not end up being the case with heavy boxes.

It may take so much time to carry the boxes and in worst scenarios, you might end up taking time to unpack some boxes to make them manageable. Heavy boxes are also prone to tearing out, which could lead to losing items.

For bulky items like books, use small boxes to make it manageable to carry.

Pack Full Boxes

Although you shouldn’t make your boxes to heavy, you can still pack them to capacity. Try packing lighter objects like pillows, towels, and blankets to fill the spaces without adding weight.

5. Take Photos When Dismantling Items

This moving advice will save you a lot of headaches. Many people struggle to put their items back together after disassembling them. Use your smartphone to take photos so that you remember how things go back together if you don’t have the instructions.

6. Pack Fragile Objects Together

Pack your teacups, wine glasses and other delicate items together. Wrap every item individually and then use large sheets to draw the items close. Packing them tightly protects them from breaking.

Consider using blankets and towels to wrap the items to save on padding materials and packing space.

Get Quality Boxes

The last thing you want is your boxes of fragile belongings to fall apart on you. Make sure you use good quality boxes for more delicate items.

7. Switch Your Utilities And Address

This moving advice will save you any fines or delays in acquiring services in your new home. Begin by making a list of all the utility services you’re receiving in your current residence. This includes water, cable providers, internet and electricity. Inform the old providers on your moving plans and schedule installation dates with new service providers.

You definitely don’t want to be a new home with no power for days or weeks. Also, failure to inform your current service provider on the cancellation on time may attract some fines. The last thing you want when moving is extra expenses.

8. Choose A Good Moving Company

Getting help during a move will be one of the best things you spend your money on. This can help to decrease time and frustration. Hire a professional moving company for assistance.

Don’t choose a moving company blindly. Check review sites such as Yelp to make sure they treat their customers well. Look for expert-level movers like the ones you see here.

Ask family members and friends for referrals as well. Before you settle for any company, window shop to know the market price to make sure you get a fair deal.

Do You Want More Moving Advice?

Moving is not anyone’s cup of tea. It requires you to be organized to avoid packing and not packing some items.

The above tips will help make your moving process more bearable.

If you’re interested in more moving hacks, visit our blog.

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