Make Sure Your Ramp Works for Every Occasion This Summer

By admin / April 22, 2021

Are you getting ready to purchase motorcycle ramps so you can take your bike with you wherever you go this summer? Keep in mind that not all ramps are created equal. You want to make sure that the one you end up with is built to last and works well in a variety of situations. Here are a few tips for choosing ramps that work for every occasion and situation you find yourself in this summer.

Know Your Motorcycle’s Size

Before you purchase a ramp for your bike, you need to make sure you know your motorcycle’s size. That way you’ll know if you need double or single car ramps to get it into the back of your vehicle. Smaller bikes may be able to use single ramps safely, while larger bikes and ATVs will undoubtedly need double ramps. If you’re uncomfortable or unsure of your ability to get your bike safely into your truck on a single ramp, err on the side of caution and get two. After all, protecting your investment is worth the extra expense involved with buying double ramps.

Get the Right Ramp Length

Many people underestimate the importance of measuring bike length when buying a ramp. But if your bike is very long and you get a short ramp, you’ll soon discover that it’s much harder than necessary (or even impossible) to get your bike into your truck. You’ll need the following measurements to determine the proper ramp length for your bike:

  • Ground clearance
  • Wheelbase
  • Loading height (commonly referred to as rise)

The ground clearance is the distance from the lowest part of the bike to the ground. Measure when your bike is fully upright and not resting on its kickstand. To find out the wheelbase dimensions, measure between the centers of the rear and front wheels. Finally, you can figure out the loading height (rise) by measuring from the ground to the flatbed of your trailer or truck. There are online calculators that can help you use these dimensions to find out the minimum ramp length you require to get your bike safely into your truck or trailer.

Figure Out if You’ll Have Help

If you don’t anticipate having help loading your bike or ATV onto ATV ramps, you may want to invest in a full-width ramp that gives you room to ride your vehicle up the ramps. But if possible, it’s best to be able to get the help of at least one other person who can help push your vehicle up the ramp or at least guide you as you ride it up the ramp.

Decide if Folding or Non-Folding Is Best

There are both folding and non-folding ramp options available. If you have very little storage space, a folding ramp may be best because it can be folded up into a compact form that fits more easily in a variety of areas. However, if durability is your primary concern, a non-folding ramp may be a better choice for your needs. The good news is that most modern folding motorcycle ramps are made to provide very good durability as well.

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