Life Is Short, Here Are 10 Things You Have to Do Before You Die

By admin / November 5, 2018
Life is incredible and short. To make sure you take full advantage of it and don’t leave behind unfinished business, here are 10 things to do before you die.

Let’s face it, life is short. When you’re young, it seems like life will go on forever–but the older you get, the more you realize how precious every second can be.

It’s important that you have a plan in place in the event of your death. Not only that, but it’s important to create a plan that lets you make the most of the years that you have left before you die.

Here’s a list of 10 things to do before you die–from legal checklists to bucket list adventures.

1. Last Will and Testament

This might be the last thing you want to think about. But settling your will is crucial to making sure that your finances and personal wishes live on after your death–in the way you want them to. A will can appoint an executor of your estate and express your wishes about the distribution of your assets.

Want to learn more about protecting your assets after death? Check out a probate attorney San Diego to find out more.

2. Love Letters

Ever wonder how people will think of you after you die? Want to make sure that your loved ones know that you care about them?

Consider writing some final words to the wonderful people in your life. Not only can this be a great way to reflect on your relationships, but it ensures that they’ll know how much you loved them in the end.

3. Travel Plans

Don’t leave that bucket list of travel destinations lying around forever. Take a chance, save up some money, and plan a trip to your destination of choice.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with family and friends, now is the best time to see everything that the world has to offer. Don’t keep putting it off–start a fund to get yourself some plane tickets to another country.

4. Obituaries

This might seem a little morbid, but for some, writing an obituary draft can be a comforting act. After all, who can sum up your life better than you?

Have a rough draft on hand with some of your basic details–like where you were born, the names of your family, and a broad stroke of your life and your accomplishments. This will also make it easier for your family, who may not want to reflect on something painful so soon after your death.

5. Adventurous Foods

Life isn’t all about work and relationships. Food is a big part of how we enjoy our day to day lives. Why not go outside the box and try some exciting new foods?

Whether it’s an ethnic dish you’ve never tried before or a new fad like the cronut, there’s a whole world of food out there waiting for you.

6. Furry Friends

Is life really complete without a furry friend to share your home? Head out to the shelter and pick out a dog, cat, or another animal of your choice.

Not only can a pet make a great companion, but sharing your life with another creature can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do. Be sure to adopt instead of buying from a shop–you’ll be giving an animal in need the safety, stability, and love they need.

7. Volunteer

How do you want people to remember you after you die?

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and know that you’ve spent your life in the pursuit of good. Whether you’re helping out at a homeless shelter, walking dogs at the animal shelter, or planting trees with a reforestation group, there’s no shortage of ways that you can help out.

8. Funeral Preparations

How specific you want to get with this is up to you, but at the very least, leave behind a list of some of your preferences for a funeral.

Do you want a burial or cremation? Where do you want your remains to go? Do you have a favorite song you’d like played? A church or other space where you’d like the funeral to take place?

This can give you some piece of mind–but it will also help your loved ones know that they’re planning your funeral the way you would have wanted it.

9. Road Trip Adventures

Want to travel but not sure if you have the funds? There’s a lot you can do just by taking a road trip in the United States.

Head down Route 66 or take a trip to visit the states you’ve always wanted to see. Whether you’re checking out big monuments like Mount Rushmore or just checking out the mom and pop diners and roadside attractions, a great American road trip is a great way to see it all without leaving your car.

10. Music Festivals

For dreamers, artists, and partygoers of every kind, there’s a music festival out there for everyone. Check out some desert arts festivals like Burning Man or Coachella. You can come just to enjoy the music or get in on the action by creating art, performing, volunteering, and dressing up.

If you just want to take a weekend to forget about it all and enjoy the freedom of dancing and music, a festival might be the perfect getaway choice.

10 Things to Do Before You Die

Planning for your eventual death might be the last thing on your mind. But you should keep this list of 10 things to do before you die in mind–you never know when you’ll need it.

After all, life on this earth is fleeting. It’s up to you to make sure that you’ve fulfilled everything you set out to do–and make sure that things are settled for after your death.

Looking for more tips and tricks to make the most of your years of life? Check out our lifestyle section for more!


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