Let’s Go, Fido!: 10 Must-have Dog Travel Accessories To Get Before Your Next Trip

By admin / March 7, 2019

Planning a trip is exciting. But planning a trip that your dog can tag along on is even better! You’ve packed your bag and you’ve made sure not to forget anything.

But what dog travel supplies should you pack? There’s a lot to think about when bringing your dog along. And pets are about as needy as children.

You want to make sure you’ve thought of everything possible to keep them safe and happy during the trip. Continue reading to learn about 10 dog travel accessories you must have!

1. Tailgate Dumpster

The tailgate dumpster is made by Kurgo and is available on Amazon. It attached to the back of your car on the outside. So say goodbye to smelly dog poop bags!

Store them away in this tailgate dumpster and save your nose. The dumpster attaches to the metal on your car with strong magnets. When traveling far distances by car, your dog will need bathroom breaks. 

Now you can make a quick stop and tuck away the smelly bags outside of the car and keep the inside smelling clean. These are also good for campsites and park visits!

2. Dog Gear Organizer Travel Bag

As mentioned before, your pet is just as needy as a child. And that’s because pets are our children. So with all the dog gear needed for your trip, it’s nice to have a place to keep things together and organized.

Overland Travelwear creates a dog gear travel bag that includes two food carriers, two bowls, and a placemat to put them on. It has several compartments, so don’t be hesitant to pack treats, toys, and first aid kit supplies in here as well. Any dog travel accessories that you can think of packing for your dog can fit in here.

And when you need something, it’s all in one organized bag!

3. Leash And Harness: Airport Style

When traveling by plane, don’t forget your dog’s airport ready leash and harness. KC Pet Products makes a TSA fast pass leash and harness for your dog. It’s free of metal rings. So it won’t set off the metal detectors when going through security.

This makes things much easier than having to unleash your dog at the airport. The best thing about it is that it comes with a pet identification tag!

4. Pet Tent

If you’re taking a camping trip, then consider packing your dog’s own tent. Bringing a pet tent for your dog reduces worries of tears in your tent. It’s also great for keeping any bugs, mud, or dirt that might be hanging around your dog off your bedding. 

Pet tents are made with lots of room. So you won’t have to worry about them being cramped. And everyone will sleep well, knowing insects and mosquitos can’t get to your pooch at night!

5. Portable Pet Bowls

Portable pet bowls are much more convenient than bringing the large metal bowls from home. They fold up nice for easy storage. And can be popped out as needed. 

Made from silicone, portable pet bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to wipe clean!

6. Thunder Shirt

Travel anxiety doesn’t only affect humans. Our pets have it as well. One pet travel accessory that’s a must for anxious dogs is the Thunder Shirt. It’s a jacket that swaddles your dog and relieves the anxiety.

It works well for thunderstorms. But it also works well when traveling. This jacket will calm any nervous furry traveler.

7. Pet Passport And Medical Records Folder

Taking your pet with you internationally means having your pet’s passport and medical records handy. Having a folder for your pet’s passport and medical records is a great way to keep the paperwork organized. These folders have several pages for visa stamps and travel information.

You can also add your pet’s microchip number, vaccinations, allergies, needed prescriptions, and more to the folder!

8. Pet Carrier

Pet carriers are one of the most essential car accessories for dogs. You need one on hand for quick trips and long trips. Carriers come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and types. 

So finding the right one for your dog is easy! Some provide a wheel option for easy transportation in the airport and around town. Others are made with long or short straps for convenient carrying. 

No matter what option you choose, you’ll be glad you brought it along.

9. Pet Car Booster Seat

Car rides are exciting for your dog. But if your dog is too small to see out the window, then you might want to bring a doggy booster seat. Booster seats make sightseeing easy for the little ones. 

They won’t have to jump on top of you or climb around the car to see out the window. 

10. Tracking Collar

Tagg’s Pet Tracker isn’t a collar itself. It hooks onto your dog’s collar. And it allows you to keep tabs on your dog at all times. 

It’s an awesome tool when camping or exploring new places. You go online to set up the boundaries that you want your dog to have. And it’ll alert you immediately when your pet has crossed its boundaries. 

It’s also a good tool for keeping track of rest times, activity, and temperatures!

Don’t Forget These Dog Travel Accessories 

Before heading out on the road with your furry pal, remember to pack these dog travel accessories. Make a list of the essentials. You can check off items as you place them in the car.

Following these tips for pet travel will ensure both yours and your dog’s happiness! And for more travel insight, check out these tips on how to travel like a local, not a tourist. 

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