Know Before You Go: The Cheapest Way to Travel Around London

By admin / February 22, 2019

30 million people from around the world pour into the city limits of London every year as tourists. If you’ve ever been to the city, that massive number doesn’t surprise you.

London has it all!

Fun bars, beautiful parks, staggering culture, and of course, delightful people.

If you’re planning an imminent trip to this world-class city, you’re probably running through a lot of factors in your head. Where you’ll stay, what you should see, how to get around, etc.

Expanding on that last factor, “how to get around”, the city offers lots of transit options, some of which are better than others but all of which can be relatively affordable. Below, our team shares a handful of options so you can deduce the cheapest way to travel around London that also meets your comfort standards.

1. Walk

Coming in at our top spot when it comes to the cheapest way to get around London is, of course, walking. After all, there is no cheaper means of getting around any place than by strapping on your trainers and going for a nice stroll.

What’s awesome about the city of London is that it’s actually quite walkable.

There are well-maintained sidewalks all throughout the city, lots of places to stop and rest, and incredible tourist attractions to oggle every few blocks or so.

Even if you don’t make walking your primary means of transportation around the city, definitely take the time to walk every now and again. You’ll love what the city feels like on foot!

2. Hitchhike

We don’t recommend hitchhiking within London city limits because it’s… Well, kind of weird. That being said, you could maybe get away with asking a stranger for a ride if you’re trying to get around town.

Odds are though they’re going to ignore you or tell you to take the bus like everyone else.

3. Bike

London is progressively becoming a more biker friendly town as the city tries to reduce road congestion by adding bike lanes. If you can get your hands on a cycle from a local rental spot or from your hotel, it’s worth going out for a ride.

The only hangup here is that you’ll want to be well-versed in London street laws before riding your bike around this congested town.

One mistake and you could end up on your back, or, at the very least, getting yelled at by a local.

4. Train (The Tube)

London has a storied subway system that connects every corner of the city. The process of getting a re-loadable transit card and “tapping” as you get on and off of train cars is pretty straightforward.

Tube prices are changing all the time in the city so you’ll want to check the Metro’s website prior to heading to London if you’re interested in planning on how much money you should set aside for a weekly or monthly pass.

Pro Tip: If you’re leaving London city limits for smaller towns throughout the UK, London has an excellent train system that connects the whole Island!

5. Double-Decker Bus

The London double-decker bus is legendary. We’d venture to say that next to those red phone booths, double-decker buses are probably one of the most iconic fixtures of the city!

You can hop on and off double-deckers with the same tap card you use to get on London’s “tube”. Rates are fair and buses come extremely frequently which means that you won’t spend too much time standing around a dodgy bus stop.

6. Coach Bus

If you’re looking to get to specialized locations around London (airport to airport for example) you can’t go wrong learning more about and booking a luxury coach bus.

Our team has been on London coach buses in the past and we can’t speak highly enough about their comfort and convenience.

Find an operator that serves the specific location you’re looking to get to and book your ticket with confidence!

7. Rent a Car

If you’re feeling ultra brave, there’s always the option of renting your own vehicle in the city.

Before renting, consider the road rules differences your local community and London may have. Just because you’re comfortable driving back home, does not mean that you’ll be comfortable driving in a foreign location.

8. Hire a Car

Our final cheapest way to travel around London is to hire a car. Car hiring can take place in a couple of different ways.

The cheapest car hire solution is to book a rideshare pickup or hail a taxi. If neither of those options suit you, you could call a private car service to chauffeur you around town.

Hiring a chauffeur may prove to be a little more expensive than it’s worth given the city’s other excellent (and more affordable) transit options. Still, if you can afford it and like privacy, that option is there.

Wrapping Up: The Cheapest Way to Travel Around London

As you can see from our list above, walking is the cheapest way to travel around London because it’s free and safe. If walking isn’t for you though, we hope that our alternative options have gotten the wheels turning in your head regarding what transit solution might work best for you.

Enjoy the city and have fun getting around it and seeing its many treasures!

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