Kinds of Refuse Collection Trucks Used Today

By admin / September 12, 2019

Refuse collection vehicles are instrumental in solid waste management. These trucks are uniquely designed to make garbage collection and disposal easier. Without these trucks, moving large loads of debris and waste would be extremely time-consuming. Over the last several decades, we have seen the evolution of waste collection vehicles. Today, many private and public waste collection services use several different types of trucks to get the job done. This article lists some of the most commonly used types of refuse collection vehicles.

Front loader refuse truck

A front loader truck is preferable when dealing with commercial waste. Commercial and industrial establishments produce large amounts of waste every day. This truck features hydraulic forks in front which pick up the garbage bins and empty the rubbish into the truck. The garbage gets automatically compacted inside the truck to increase its capacity. Some refuse removal companies opt for waste vehicle hire because these trucks can be expensive when bought brand-new.

Rear loader refuse truck

Instead of loading the garbage bins upfront, these trucks have an opening at the back. You may have seen one of these in your neighbourhood collecting trash. This type of truck is versatile and may be used for collecting both commercial and residential waste. The benefit of having the opening at the back is to allow garbage collectors to manually collect and throw trash bags and other debris left behind.

Side loader refuse truck

A side loader truck features a robotic arm attached to the side. The truck driver also operates the robotic arms and uses it to pick up bins from the side of the road. It is best used for refuse collection in residential areas because it can manoeuvre around narrow streets and kerbs. A side loader refuse truck can collect garbage from up to 1500 homes every day. Another benefit of this type of truck is the reduced workforce. A single driver and operator can get the job done without requiring additional assistance.

Side loader trucks are becoming quite popular, especially for municipal waste collection. However, it is not as beneficial when you are dealing with commercial or industrial waste. The robotic arm does not have enough capacity to pick-up commercial waste bins.

Roll-off refuse trucks

A roll-off garbage truck is often used in construction sites. This type of vehicle can efficiently roll-off waste containers on the project site. Once the bins are filled, the truck will haul them away. Refuse trucks like this are essential in construction and demolition because consistent garbage and debris removal keep the job site safe for workers.

Choosing the right type of refuse truck

There is no hard and fast rule to choosing which kind of refuse truck is best. What is more important is to determine the requirements of the job and select which equipment best fits these needs. Waste collection and disposal companies typically maintain several types of trucks to ensure versatility. As an alternative, waste disposal companies rent these trucks instead of buying, especially for short-term contracts.



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