Interesting Ways to Spend Time on the Internet

The Internet is full of information all at the click of one’s fingertips and with all the new technology and the latest gadgets individuals can access the Internet from just about anywhere. It has been made so easily accessible with all the devices out there such as, iPods, iPads, computers, mobile phones, and more. It helps keep people connected and up to date on current news. The internet is a great tool and understanding the importance of the internet is key but, it is also great for entertianment. So what are some interesting ways to spend time on the Internet?


Making extra money online is a great pastime. When you’re spending time on the internet making money, you can be doing it from anywhere at any time. You can start a blog to make extra income, get paid for taking quizzes or make money with betting on the the world cup 2018. Whichever you choose, you will have to work at it a bit to actually start making money. But if you’re willing to put in that extra time, it’s a great way to spend time on the internet.


If you’re looking for motivational speakers, or individuals with fascinating opinions and in what ways they think you should head on over to Here you can watch videos of TED conferences from people around the world, who give their speech and discuss their views/standpoints on a topic in 18 minutes or less. These speeches range from fun and inserting, to educational and informative, to motivational. You can find a video that everyone will enjoy.


Are you looking to increase your brain’s potential? Then you will want to head on over to This online tool has games that help make people of all ages feel smarter through games that can help improve memory, attention, speed of processing, and problem solving. These games are also easy enough for children to play, which can help distract them during a busy day out. Or, simply occupy your own time learning.


Do you have a creative side? Check out Here you can find DIY tips and tricks for recipes, crafts, storage and organization, gift ideas, fashion, and so on. You can even upload your own ideas and projects you have tried to share with others.


If you are looking to stay connected with friends, news, and celebrities, sign up and create your own account for popular social media sites. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While each have an application you can download to your phone you can also access them through the Internet. You can comment, like, share, and repost on pictures, content, videos, and more with the people you follow or are following. You also have access to open accounts, such as celebrity accounts. Here you can like their photos without having to be “friends” first. So why not stay connected? You’ll be up to date on all the recent news and events going on around the world. Try these sites out and figure out which ones are best for you, or sign up and make an account for them all.


Have a lot to talk about? Want to express your thoughts in a creative way? Why not try an online site to blog about your thoughts. You can share your ideas, opinions, pictures, and experiences through text and images and any other media platforms. There are many free sites out there with basic templates that you can use.

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