How to Get a Prescription Without Insurance: 5 Top Tips

By admin / November 12, 2018
Do you need medication but lack health insurance to cover the cost? Here are 5 top tips on how to get a prescription without insurance today.

The pharmaceutical industry received a significant boost in recent years, which makes a healthy field. But isn’t necessarily great for the consumer.

These costs are being passed along to consumers, in the form of expensive prescriptions. If you happen to have prescription needs that are pricey and don’t have insurance or lack effective insurance, you still have some recourse.

Read on to learn how to get a prescription without insurance.

1. Get a Prescription Discount Card

Thankfully, when you’re figuring out how to get your medicine without breaking the bank, there are lots of discount accounts you can sign up for.

Best of all, many of them are free!

By signing up for a prescription discount card, you get to save on the total cost, even if you don’t have insurance. Many of these discount cards come with pharmacy coupons that can be used at checkout.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be better able to significantly reduce any prescription costs.

2. Set up a Medical Care Account

Your prescription costs are more manageable when you set aside a little bit of money frequently.

In the same way that there are now investment accounts that can round up change from purchases, you can send frequent, minuscule amounts of money to an investment account for your healthcare.

There are several medical care investment accounts that you can open that will be worth every effort.

As a backup, you can also apply for a credit card that you use for emergencies, which can also accumulate points for prescriptions.

3. Compare Prices and Seek Generic Prescriptions

The more you shop around for prescription costs, the easier it is to save money.

Since there are several pharmacies available online and offline, domestic and overseas, you should explore every option. Never think that these costs are set in stone because they very much vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

You can also save lots of money by shopping for generic brands instead of name brand drugs. With generic prescriptions, they have the same active ingredient as your prescription, but generally at a significantly lower cost.

4. Find Assistance Programs

There are several assistance programs that you can look into that will keep your prescription costs low. These services cater to people who can’t easily afford their prescription costs.

Look into these programs to see if you qualify. This can be a difference between taking care of your medical needs and not getting a prescription filled.

5. Maintain Accurate Medical Records

The better you take care of your medical records, the easier it’ll be to stay on top of your costs.

You’ll be able to fill your prescriptions on time and ensure that you’re not having any lapses. The better you handle your medical care, the lower your medical costs will be as a whole.

How to Get a Prescription Without Insurance

These five tips are worthwhile if you’re looking into how to get a prescription without insurance. You can use these tips to fill your prescription without it breaking the bank.

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