How To Eat Vegan While Traveling On A Budget

By admin / July 17, 2019

Going vegan seems more complicated than it sounds. It doesn’t mean giving up on your meats in an instant but slowly easing in fruits and vegetables into your diet. In no time you will realize that the tastier vegan foods you try, the less you’ll miss animal- based goodies. 

Lucky for all the vegans out there for more and more restaurants all over the world are incorporating vegan foods on their menu. Gone are those times when vegans have no choice but to order a mere salad and chew sadly on their lettuce.  So when you are a traveling vegan, it becomes a little more exciting to go on food trips because you never know what vegan goodie to expect. But the real challenge is when you are a traveling vegan on a budget, as we know vegan food leans more towards the expensive side. So read on as we enlist a few tips to go on a budgeted vegan food trip.

  1. Troop your way to the local market.

The local market will always be your top bet for scouting the freshest and most affordable vegan finds. Fruits and vegetables are always delivered fresh by local farmers, mostly at half the price than those you will find at supermarkets or restaurants. Not only do you get to save a few bucks on your meal, but you also get to support the local agriculture of the place. The local market is also a haven for inexpensive, quick bites that are surely a must-try for a tourist like you.

  1. Research.

Always do your research prior to your trip. This will at least give you an idea on what to expect when arriving in an unfamiliar place. Avoid wasting your time trying to figure out the best but cheapest restaurant in the area where you are staying. Make good use of your internet connection and plan ahead. With the proliferation of travel sites and travel bloggers, chances are you will find one or two that talk about the place you are going to. 

  1. Carry vegan goodies with you.

I have this one friend who never leaves home (yes even when she is just going to pick up her child from school) without some goodies in her bag. The girl scout in her fears being stuck in traffic and getting hungry hence the treats in her bag. So borrowing her practice, it is wise also to bring a couple of your most favorite vegan trips such as ginger chews or cliff bars or some healthy vegan cookies for those times when finding a place to eat is a little challenge. 

  1. In case of emergency, keep your plastic at hand.

What many of us fear the most is traveling and then suddenly finding out that we ran out of money. Yes, no money in a different country is terrifying. So always keep your golden credit card in a safe place but within your reach when traveling and when looking for the next place to eat at.

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