Hobbies for Moms: 12 Things Every Woman Should Start Doing When They’re Pregnant

By admin / December 8, 2018

Are you looking for something new to do during your pregnancy? Take a look at these hobbies for moms every woman should start doing when they’re pregnant.
Becoming a mother changes everything.

When you are expecting, your body prepares you to care for more than just yourself. You may also be gearing up to become a mother through other means, like adoption, foster care, or Surrogate Parenting Services.

Either way, your interests and lifestyle may be getting ready for a bit of a detour. A child means that you will not be able to get out as much as you used to, and you will have more downtime at home than you dreamed you ever would have.

During nap-times, school days, and playdates, your motherhood will be filled with times that you need to spend productively to stave off boredom or wallowing in painful feelings.

A hobby can do more than just keep you busy. It can give you perspective, long-term goals, and an outlet for your creativity.

On crazy days when you feel like a failing parent, your hobby can provide peace and a sense of accomplishment. It can remind you that you are an individual apart from your family and that that part of you is still alive and well.

What are some great hobbies for moms? Here are some places to start:

1. Scrap-Booking

While swollen feet, morning sickness, and constipation are not happy moments for you now, you may look back on your pregnancy days with fondness in the future. Your child will love seeing pictures of you and your home in eager expectation of their arrival.

Pregnancy is a great time to start scrapbooking. You can choose a theme like the nursery, gender-reveal party, or shower for your first page.

A mini-album is a great choice if you are a beginning scrapbooker. You can purchase an album, along with basic scrapbooking items like page protectors, patterned paper, a paper trimmer, and basic stickers, at a craft store like A.C. Moore or Michaels. It is also a good time to call up that friend who sells scrapbooking supplies and have a party, complete with non-alcoholic cocktails.

You will want to choose high-resolution shots and those with meaningful details. Pick matte finishes over glossy ones, as they are more resistant to smudging.

Each scrapbooking page should have a focal point. Consider starting with one photo and building on it. You should consider how you can complement the colors, theme, and sentiment of your focal picture.

Before you know it, you could be on your way to becoming a scrapbooking ingenue, and mentoring others in how to tastefully and colorfully keep their memories precious.

2. Blogging

If you have a dream of becoming a writer, blogging is a great place to start. Choose a free platform like WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr before you invest in a separate URL. These platforms offer professional-looking form and functionality for those just learning the art.

Blogging will give you the online exposure that publishers look for if you are thinking about writing a book. It can also give you free advertising for your business.

Begin by choosing a subject that you are passionate about, and others will catch on to your enthusiasm. Be sure to leave plenty of room for comments and discussion so folks will keep returning to your page.

You will want to establish yourself as an expert in your “niche” online.

Are you a pregnant music teacher? Are you expecting multiples? Do you make the best Italian sauces in town?

People will be interested in your unique perspective and experiences if you have knowledge to offer. If your journey is uniquely funny, share your warm and humorous stories online. People love to know that they are not the only ones with certain experiences or feelings.

3. Cooking and Baking

Learning to cook is a great way to learn to eat healthily, and it is more economical than eating out. If you turn out to have a knack for it, your spouse will appreciate you all the more.

You can start with super-simple recipes from websites like Allrecipes.com, Taste of Home, or The Pioneer Woman. Invite some friends over for a themed dinner party with Italian, Chinese, or Cajun food. Include some non-alcoholic drinks, festive music, and decorations.

4. Songwriting

Songwriting is a great way to express your feelings and keep your creative dreams alive. You can start by coming up with a title and thinking about the thoughts and emotions you want to express through the song. If you think of a unique way to phrase something, jot it down wherever you are.

You can then choose the form for your song. A common pop song form is verse-chorus-verse-chorus with a short bridge.

You can begin coming up with a melody by exaggerating the emotions in your song’s lyrics. Many words have a natural rhythm, and adding some notation and pitch changes could create a great “hook” for your song.

If you play an instrument, you can begin plucking out the notation for your lyrics. Programs like Noteflight are great free online resources for music writing software. Once you have got the hang of it, you can invest in paid, more user-friendly software like Finale or Sibelius.

Start by recording your song with your phone and “tweaking” the things you don’t like about it before you invest in a recording day at a studio. Once you have made a professional recording, you can share it on places like Youtube and check out how many views you get!

5. Photography

If you have ever stared in wonder at a sunset or the expression on your child’s face at a birthday party, you may have a photographer inside you. You will want to begin by capturing photos of things that inspire you, like landscapes, sports events, or concerts.

Get a camera that has a manual mode because it will allow you to control images. Entry-level models can allow you to learn basic manual modes like shutter speed and ISO.

DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have different flashes, lenses, and filters. You can take a photography class or find a mentor. Be sure to bring your camera with you wherever you go.

6. Reading

If you are like many first-time moms, high school was the last time you picked up a book and got lost in it just for fun. Don’t start with classics at just to look and feel smart. Choose reads you won’t be able to put down, even if they are a little corny and trite.

The great thing about reading is that it transports you to another world where there are amusing moments, uplifting insights, and intriguing stories.

If you love shopping, start with the “Shopaholic” books by Sophie Kinsella. If you love food and family, pick up some beautiful romances by Adriana Trigiani. If you are a quirky working girl, get lost on Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary.”

7. Gardening

If you have never cultivated a garden before, now is a great time to start. It will save you money at the grocery store and give you some fresh ingredients when you cook.

You can start by planting a few herbs and veggies in well-lit places with fertile soil. Make sure you use enriched compost and water regularly.

If you don’t have a yard, an herb garden is a great place to start. Be sure to use a pot that holds at least five gallons of soil. You can choose short herbs like sage, thyme, and oregano that are great for sauces and stews.

8. Working Out

If you are pregnant, you will want to eat plenty of calories and avoid contact sports. You should also stay away from anything that could result in a fall, like biking, horseback riding, and waterskiing.

Yet the time when you are expecting is also a great opportunity to get in shape.

For example, classes in prenatal yoga can teach you to breathe, keep you limber, tone your muscles, and improve circulation. Prenatal Pilates can help build strength, balance, and stamina. It may even help you have an easier labor.

9. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can have great benefits for both you and your baby. Research has found that it can make your brain work more efficiently at any age.

Speaking two languages to your child has been proven to enrich brain development. It helps them to pick up new words quickly. It can also improve their listening skills and increase empathy and connectedness.

You can start speaking through comprehensive online programs like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo. They are relatively inexpensive and can give you a great foundation.

10. Flower-Arranging

You can begin arranging flowers with a vase, flower-cutter, flowers of different lengths, and a block of Oasis. Be sure to fill the vase about halfway up with water before you begin.

Start with your greens, then arrange flowers in different lengths and styles to compliment your focal point. Then add some fillers like baby’s breath. You may find you have a real gift for greenery!

11. Pottery

Before you invest in a potter’s table or kiln, start by taking a simple class to see if you enjoy making simple pottery projects like pinch pots.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make beautiful pitchers, bowls, and dishes that make great accents for your home.

12. Knitting

Don’t knock knitting as a granny hobby before you’ve tried it! It has been known to help reduce stress hormones, help kick addictions, and even improve short-term memory loss.

You can start off by going to a local craft store or box store to purchase medium-weight yarn and six-to-nine-inch knitting needles of any material.

You may want to learn to knit at classes offered by libraries, houses of worship, YMCA’s, or online. You can make some cute clothes for baby and new friends at the same time!

Hobbies for Moms Will Save Your Sanity

There is no end to the great hobbies expecting moms can choose from. Crafty gals will love pottery, knitting, and scrapbooking. Those with a more verbal interest will love the relaxation and escape that reading or learning a new language can provide.

Hobbies for moms are the best way to maintain a sense of peace and well-being throughout your parenting experience.

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