Health Reasons for Growing a Beard

By admin / December 5, 2018

Lots of men think about growing a beard because they feel like they look more masculine with it. Although it is true, and it is a strong reason for growing a beard, you might want to think about the health benefits first. When you fully understand these benefits, you will feel convinced to start growing your beard now.

Block UV rays

When you are always outdoors, you increase your chances of UV exposure. These ultraviolet rays can affect your skin and could even lead to skin cancer. Protecting yourself against UV rays is crucial. You use different skin care products to achieve that goal. Having a long beard is your natural protection against UV rays.

Shaving could lead to acne

When you decide to keep shaving, it could lead to increased chances of having acne. Having a beard ensures that the skin underneath remains protected. Therefore, it prevents the spread of bacteria that could cause acne. As long as you know how to maintain a beard, you won’t have problems with acne growth anymore.

Boost self-confidence

Being confident is crucial in maintaining your emotional health. You want to appear confident when you are in public. When you have a long beard, you will feel that you look fantastic. Therefore, you can face anyone and not worry about your appearance.

You will have a natural filter

Having a long beard helps filter bacteria from entering your face, including other allergens that could also lead to skin irritation. You might end up with several diseases due to exposure to these bacteria that you don’t know of, and your beard will be of great help to keep your protected.

You will look young

Some people think that you look more mature when you grow a beard. Although it is true, growing a beard can also make you look young over time. When you have a beard, you will have reduced chances of acne growth, skin discolouration and bacterial infection. All of these issues could make you look older.

It prevents wrinkles

Since you no longer expose your skin to the sun, it prevents the formation of lines on your lower face. Wrinkles make people look old, and you don’t want to reach that stage.

Keep your skin moist

Having moist skin will help prevent skin infection and irritation. When you have a beard, it covers a portion of your face, keeping it moist. As your skin starts getting dehydrated due to the lack of moisture, it could lead to flaking.

Proper maintenance is necessary

These are only some of the health reasons why having a beard is a good idea. However, you need to ensure that you keep the beard in good condition. Use beard maintaining supplies and products like oil, shampoo and conditioner, to ensure that your beard will look healthy. It could be extra time on your daily routine to fix your beard, but given all these benefits, you won’t mind doing it.

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