Great Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

By admin / August 23, 2020

Looking for some last-minute gift ideas?

Gift baskets are a great way to get playful and creative while giving that special person in your life a uniquely personalized gift. You can pack the basket with a variety of their favorite things topped with festive Christmas gift bows.

And food gift baskets are among the most popular. Below are a few gift basket ideas to get you started.

Cookie Dough Baskets

Sure, you could create a cookie basket for your neighbors or friends. But what if they really enjoy baking cookies themselves?

For the creative holiday cooker makers, give them a basket loaded with everything they need to bake cookies at home. You can fashion a basket or even a mixing bowl with special holiday cookie cutters, decorations, a cookie scoop, and two or three containers of their favorite cookie dough flavors.

Half the work is done for them!

Coffee Baskets

Before any holiday morning festivities can begin, there must first be coffee. There are so many possibilities for this one.

You could outfit a basket with either classic coffee mugs, or disposable coffee cups with lids that will allow them to enjoy their coffee on the go during the busy holiday season. Of course, you’ll want to include a bag or two of their favorite coffee. Then from there, maybe some miniature creamers, specialty sugar, biscotti, scones, or cookies, it’s really up to you.

Barbeque Baskets

While the northern hemisphere celebrates the holidays in the winter, down in Australia, it’s the middle of summer. In fact, it’s not unusual in the land down under to be gathered around the “barbie” to celebrate the holidays.

But even if you live in a colder climate and the snow is falling this holiday, you can still show someone you care with a barbeque basket. You can pull together your favorite BBQ sauce and dry rub, a basting brush, cutting board, skewers, and perhaps a gift certificate to apply toward the purchase of top-end beef, chicken, or pork.

As they might say in Australia, this is one of those Christmas hampers that everyone will love.

Mimosa Baskets

This basket is the ideal gift for the busy host or hostess who’s in the midst of receiving guests and needs a breather.

You can provide that with a mimosa basket. Load up a basket with a couple of bottles of champagne, a bottle of fresh orange juice and another of mango nectar or peach juice, a bowl of fresh fruit, and perhaps some croissants or muffins. Then start making mimosas!

It’s a great way to contribute to the festivities while giving the perfect gift.

Slow Cooker Gift Baskets

This one is unique in that the “basket” here is actually a slow cooker.

Loaded with cookbooks, napkins, slow cooker ingredients (like gourmet rice and fancy soup mixes), and possibly a bottle of wine or two, you’re sure to excite your favorite cook with this special gift this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Although the above gift basket ideas focus on the holidays, you can give food gift baskets any time of the year and for any occasion.

So allow yourself to explore different themes and ideas, and see what you end up creating!

And for more great articles to spark your creativity, keep checking back with our lifestyle blog!

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