Freud’s Theory On Sexuality

By admin / April 13, 2018

In order to get you up to speed, sexual perversions are defined as unnatural sexual acts and refer to the achievement of orgasm in ways other than normal sex. Here I do not want to talk only about oral or anal sex, which are the most known types of perversions, but also about the use of certain objects to achieve orgasm (wearing a certain kind of clothing, using BDSM objects), but also the so-called love such as those between people with different social levels, different ages, certain physical deficiencies. Cirillas can offer another point of view.

All of these things are considered to be psychological pathologies when they are perceived as hindrances and psychoanalytic therapy is recommended at any time you think it is good.

From a psychoanalytic point of view, the child, from birth, crosses different areas of sexuality to full sexual maturation. For some analysts, sexuality is actually an attempt to achieve psychic intimacy, a compensation for it, and it is acquired, others consider sexual desire directly inborn. One thing that is common to both points of view is that sexuality occurs from birth. Click here.

Due to age (Freud’s theory) or because of the lack of relational patterns (Fairbairn’s theory), the child begins to manifest his sexuality through his mouth through sucking.  Hence, with the development and exploration of the environment, together with the various associations that it makes, the child can focus on certain things and can sexualize them. The fact that parents harshly punish such a young man without explaining what and how (as in many cases) can block some desires, giving rise to perversions.

For example, Freud considered the sexuality manifested by the pleasure of seeing, knowing. This sexuality, which can easily be confused with curiosity, it is in every child.

Seeing her when she is 4 or fewer years looking at a friend or a little naked brother, she gets to school looking for sexuality lessons in the anatomy handbook or looks at the keyhole or window on what other people do in their privacy. Easily-easy, with growing up, the pleasure of seeing and knowing things about sexuality turns into a desire to learn or study things other than those before.

This transformation happens in good cases, but in bad cases, if a child is harshly criticized for his behavior, he becomes inhibited, and this desire remains locked inside and no longer develops. When we reach adulthood, we find that he has become a perverse person whose only way to achieve orgasm is to look naked or to be looked at. Another perceived and perverted perversion is related to physical aggression. If a child was beaten when he was young and was given the feeling of pleasure by the parent who did so, he can learn this behavior and introduce it into sexual practice.

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The conclusion you can find from here is that it is a totally wrong thing to forbid a child different things if they are not explained. You cannot ask a child to understand how society works and social rules without the parent accompanying him on this road. Orgasm is the most intense pleasure that both women and men can have. In his time, all body limitations dissolve, and the two lovers merge into one.

Orgasm has also been called “the Little Death,” because in its course the being penetrates into special states of expansion of consciousness in which ordinary limitations are overcome, creating a transcendence of the mind and a union of opposites, the state being often identical with a metaphysical experience.

When a woman has an orgasm or even before she has it, when she just anticipates the pleasure of orgasm, her brain secretes neurohormones in a very large amount: dopamine, opioids and oxytocin. These substances, secreted in such a large amount during orgasm, offer not only a very intense pleasure, but they trigger practically altered states of consciousness. Moreover, orgasm is the euphoric perception with a maximum intensity of sexual stimulation that most often manifests itself in a paroxysmal sense of pleasure and happiness. New neuroscience research has found that there is a very close link between the woman’s sexual organs and her brain.

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