Four Tips for Buying a Secondhand Motorcycle

By admin / February 16, 2024

There are, of course, numerous advantages if you’re able to afford the initial outlay, or else able to prove that you’re able to keep up with a payment plan for a brand-new motorcycle, such as a higher level of reliability when it comes to maintenance for the future.

However, there are many reasons why so many riders choose instead to spend time researching secondhand, used motorcycles, both in their local area and further afield.

If you’re firmly part of the second group, then you’ve definitely clicked on the right article. Here are four important tips for buying a secondhand motorcycle.

Check the Quality of the Tires

The tire tread, thickness, quality, brand, and overall aesthetics of the tires are one of the most important indicators of the general condition of any secondhand motorcycle that you’re considering buying.

Press your finger into the tire tread and if the tread is adequate, you should see the entire tip of your finger disappear, and if you don’t, then this could mean anything from the wheel having been bent in an accident, or simply that the tires aren’t safe to ride on and need to be changed.

Take the Bike for a Test Drive

It’s more than a little baffling when you hear about the sheer number of new motorbike owners who buy a bike, even after a thorough visual inspection, without even turning the engine on, let alone having taken it for a test drive.

Listening to the engine is another very important and telling indicator of the overall condition of any motorcycle or scooter, and as a general rule, you should hear a clean and smooth noise, free from bumps, breaks, or hiccups.

Take Note of the Mileage

If you’re someone who enjoys watching old-school movies full of dodgy car dealers who know a myriad of ways of making their vehicles look and sound newer and in better condition than they really are, then you’ll be aware of tricks to edit and crucially, reduce, the number of miles that a car has traveled.

Exactly the same principle applies to motorbikes and scooters, too. If the odometer on any potential motorbike purchase seems extraordinarily high, this could be a concern, but conversely, if the reading is strangely low and doesn’t match the condition of the bike, this could be a sign that it has been tampered with.

Furthermore, BSA motorbikes and other renowned makes and models come with automatic odometer security that prevents tampering, meaning that when you purchase a bsa motorcycle, you can rest assured that you’re investing in a high-quality and authentic bike.

No Paperwork? No Sale!

Finally, if the private seller, or even the established secondhand dealership, is either unable to offer you any paperwork at all, or else the paperwork they can provide is incomplete, it’s strongly advisable to cancel the sale and walk away.

Dodgy or incomplete paperwork could be a sign that the vehicle could have been reported lost, damaged, or stolen, undergone intrinsic repairs, or have been involved in an accident.

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