Flex on the Beach: A Complete Guide to Men’s Beach Style

By admin / March 13, 2019

Though the winter weather is still persistent around most of the country, the warmer weather is just around the corner. In a few weeks, higher temperatures and sunny skies are likely to have you racing towards the nearest coast. 

Dressing properly for the beach is something that many people struggle with. It feels like it should be simple. But knowing the proper beachwear and etiquette can feel like a whole different world than the rest of life on land. 

Many men have trouble enough in the style department. Throwing in a whole new environment is just an added problem. If you’re looking for tips on men’s beach style, read on. We’ll walk you through the essentials you should be aware of. 

Choosing A Bathing Suit 

There are other elements to swimwear, but nothing is more essential than a good swimsuit. That much is obvious. But just because you know you’ll need a swimsuit to dip into the water doesn’t mean you know anything about what kind to get. 

There a lot of factors when it comes to choosing a good bathing suit.

You’ll be in it all day, so you’ll want it to be comfortable and allow you a wide range of motion. They should be versatile as well– don’t count on being able to change before everyone leaves the sand to head to a food joint nearby. A good swimsuit should have the ability to dry quickly. 

And that’s all while looking stylish and attractive, of course. You should pick a bathing suit that appeals to your own sense of style. Pick one off the shelf that feels like you. 

If the idea of having to define your personal style is intimidating, there are a few current cultural trends and norms you can follow. Most trendy swimsuits cut off just above the knee, showing a little bit of thigh.

You can adjust that length to your comfort, but it’s advisable that you don’t let the length go past your knee. That’s generally considered an awkward and off-putting look. 

Bathing suits also allow you an opportunity to shop for something a little bolder or vibrant than normal. Since it’s the only thing you’ll be wearing the water, you don’t have to worry about matching.

If you’re up for it, choose something colorful and fun that you might not normally get to rock. 

Sandals, Shoes, and Footwear 

The other beach-specific piece of clothing you’ll need to look into is footwear. You won’t want to bring your normal shoes to the beach day. If you do, you’ll either ruin them or end up tracking sand everywhere for weeks. 

The cheapest choice of footwear for the beach is a pair of flip-flops. They’re easily transportable, affordable, and easy to throw on or off.

It’s worth mentioning that your flip flops will likely be stashed away for ninety percent of your beach trip, so it’s definitely not an area that you should feel obligated to drop big money on. There are some very nice and very expensive flip flops you can purchase if you feel so inclined. 

But a cheap plastic pair is likely to do your just as good, and you won’t have to worry about them getting sandy or dirty. 

If for whatever reason you’re not a flip-flop guy, there’s always sandals. You probably won’t want to wear a nice pair of leather sandals to the beach. Exposure to water can ruin them quickly. 

But there’s a number of stylish and beach-friendly sandals that might be perfect. There’s no denying that sandals are a little bit more fashionable than your standard flip-flop. So if you’re really trying to rock a look when you go out to tan and splash around, sandals might be the way to go. 

Shirts and Tank Tops 

You’ll spend most of your time at the beach shirtless (unless you’re that one guy who refuses to take his top off). But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to put some thought into what shirt to bring with you to the beach. 

If you go for a stroll afterward or head straight to a beach bar for a drink, you’ll have to at least throw something on. Remember: no shirt, no shoes, no service. 

Consider bringing an athletic shirt that is good at whisking away excess water or sweat. You’ll be throwing your shirt on right after being wet, and having a quick-drying shirt can help you avoid embarrassing looking splotches or wet marks. 

If it’s a real scorcher where you’re at, a tank top might be the perfect way to beat the heat. If you’re feeling pretty confident about the progress you’ve made in your health and fitness recently, it’s also the perfect wardrobe addition to show off with. 

That being said, if you think you’ll be heading out for dinner or drinks from the beach, it’s probably not your best go-to. Tank tops are inadvisable for a bite or drink out as they’re informal and regionally awkward.  

If you want the best of both worlds, stash a button down in your bag. You can always throw it open your tank top if you end up heading somewhere after the beach. 

Understanding Men’s Beach Style 

Though it may freak you out at first, getting in the groove with modern men’s beach style isn’t all that difficult.

After all, the whole point of the beach is to be as comfortable and simple as possible. With the right suit, shoes, and top in hand, you’ll be off to enjoy the summer sun. 

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