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By admin / February 23, 2021

What would you consider good writing, and who or what parameters determine how good writing is? Good writers have a particular way of expressing their thoughts and perspectives to keep the readers drawn and hooked to the content. The writing talent does not just come from nowhere. You have to work for it. However, some people were born it. To identify a well-written text, you have to read a lot of books. You will automatically tell quality content from one that is not. It also expands your thinking capacity and your creativity quotient and makes you a better writer. Good writing does not depend on the style or personality of the writer, but the following:

Your writing should make readers curious, provocative, and startling.

An excellent example of a book is one that provokes, startles, and captivated the readers it the Afterbirth. Write My Essay Today gives a great introduction, “Go easy on the old man,” which is an excellent way to start. The write makes the reader take a breather and think about what the sentence means. As a reader, you will be asking yourself if indeed the writer had some struggles with cancer and how the writing helps him make a living. But it will prompt you to read more to find your answers.

Good writing should prove real personal experiences.

When you share your personal experience, the readers will be able to empathize with you and feel part of the story. It is one way to keep the readers engaged. For instance, you can tell how you took Cocaine to help you gain motivation to work, party, and other illegal activities then had problems in your marriage and work life. Such an example will reveal to the readers your experience with the drug and struggles you went through to stop using. The book “Baby Powder” by Marta Ravin is the perfect example that showcases such an example, and we can consider it excellent writing.

Good writing does not dictate your feelings or thinking.

The Essay “We’re Having a Maybe” by Cindy Chupack is excellent writing that does not tell you what to feel or think. It is a good story about her journey in Africa, and as a reader, you will feel like you are sitting across her on a table and listening to the story. The use of sounds and expressions makes it look so real. She uses long sentences to mimic the breathless ways of a storyteller. There is an absolute description of her experiences and sights without giving unnecessary details.

Good writing shares the realizations, changes, and insights of the writer.

Most best-selling books and exciting blogs, articles, and stories point out a change in the writer. The writer may reveal the change in a few sentences and will also include some self-insight. The book “What Grown-ups DO” by Brett Paesel gives an accurate depiction of the bullying she went through in school and how she dealt with the situation. This story’s ending makes it good writing because it is a personal story that the writer concealed till the end. It was a story about the writer herself and not any other kid. The revelation comes out very well at the end.

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