Embracing Sobriety: 7 Sober Activities to Keep You Entertained

By admin / March 14, 2019

Congratulations! You did it. And it wasn’t easy.

You recently stopped drinking. And you’re ready to take on life with a sober mindset. But remaining sober is challenging when you’re surrounded by alcohol.

You still want to go out and have fun. But you don’t want the temptation pulling you in. You need ideas for sober activities that allow you to have a good time without drinking.

Luckily, you’re on the right page. Stay tuned and keep reading to learn 7 fun things to do sober!

1. See A Movie Or Play at a Theater

Going to a local theater to watch a movie or play is the perfect way to get your mind off of drinking. Watching a film or performance captivates your mind. And for that brief hour or so you become consumed in another world.

Think about what kind of movie you’re in the mood for and see what’s playing. And if you’re worried about not having a friend to join you, then don’t worry. You don’t need the company to enjoy a good storyline.

It is absolutely acceptable to hit up the theater alone. It’s a good way to enjoy some peace and quiet. And you’ll have alone time while not actually being alone. You’ll be surrounded by other moviegoers. 

2. Attend a Sports Game

Attend a local sports game. Even if your hometown doesn’t have a team in the NFL or NBA, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t small local leagues. See what smaller leagues play near you and purchase some tickets! It’s also an excellent way to give back to the community.

If there are any colleges in your area, then look into their sports schedule to see what sports teams they have and when they play. These tickets are fairly cheap and they’re just as exciting.

3. Play a Sport or Revisit an Old Hobby

Not only should you consider attending your favorite sports game, but you should consider playing as well. If there are local sports leagues in your area, then sign yourself up! They would be happy to have you and you’re sure to make a few new friends.

You might even find an adult sports league catered specifically to people who aren’t recently sober. Do some research and see what you can find in your area. Playing a favorite sport gets your mind in the game and out of drinking.

If sports aren’t your thing, then revisit an old hobby of yours. Maybe you once enjoyed painting or kayaking. Remember what used to make you happy, and read this blog for more info. 

4. Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

What do sober people do for fun? Enjoy nature! Talk a walk outside and breathe in the fresh air. 

You can always hike down a nature walk trail. Nature trails are great for spotting wildlife in your own backyard. And if you’d rather not walk, then grab your bike or skates and cruise down the trail.

But don’t limit yourself to nature trails. You can always observe and appreciate nature by simply stepping outside your door. Place a chair outside and watch the birds fly by and squirrels chase one another around a tree. 

Nature is an amazing cure for just about anything. And if you’re feeling down, then it’s a great way to get into a better state of mind. It’s nice to take a minute here and there to just relax and breathe.

5. Visit a Theme Park

Plan a day to visit a theme park! Theme parks offer you the thrills you love all while remaining sober. Now, this is how to have fun sober.

You’ll be so focused on what ride to hop on next that you’ll forget all about drinking. And don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have an amusement park near you. Arcades, game spots, haunted houses, laser tag, and more are all great ways to get in a good thrill. 

Pick up some friends and head out on this mini vacation!

6. Travel or Take a Road Trip

If you still really want to plan a day at an amusement park but don’t have one around, then plan a road trip! Or, plan a road trip just because. You don’t need a specific destination in mind. Just get in the car and drive. Enjoy the new scenery around you. And don’t forget to stop and get out of the car to enjoy different cultures.

You should consider any type of traveling. Book yourself a flight to see relatives in another state. Or board a cruise ship for a week-long getaway. 

7. Plan a Spa Day

Sober activities don’t always involve physical activity. Schedule a day at the spa for a fun yet relaxing break. Go alone for some individual time. 

Or plan a date with friends or your partner. If saving money is a priority, have friends over at your place for tea and pedicures! You can also try face masks and manicures, too.

Bring out the cucumbers! Have fun and get creative. And don’t hesitate to ask your friends for some spa day suggestions as everyone might have their own spa preferences. 

Sober Activities

If you’re not sure how to have fun sober, then you must try these sober activities. They’re all a good way to take your mind off of drinking. And they can all be done alone or with friends.

For more on how to create a healthy lifestyle, head over to our blog for these great tips!

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