Education Goals: Why Is STEM Education Important for Grade School Students?

By admin / February 25, 2019

Do you want your child to have a leg up on the competition?

We all want a bright future for our kids. But how do we secure that future for them?

The answer is STEM. STEM refers to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Why is STEM education important? Look at the biggest companies today like Apple, Google, or Samsung. STEM is the backbone of their success.

If you want your child to have a piece of that (Apple) pie, they need to have a background in STEM. And the earlier they start, the better.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at how your kids will benefit from STEM education.

Why Is STEM Education Important?

If literacy was the bare minimum of education before, STEM has now become an essential part of living in the modern world. In fact, the meaning of literacy has expanded from learning how to read and write. It now includes some of the fundamentals of STEM such as numeracy and computer know-how.

We’re surrounded by technology, the technology that’s advancing by leaps and bounds. And if you’re not part of the wave, you’re going get left behind.

Just a few years ago, products with the label “made in China” were seen in a negative light. But today, China is a juggernaut in the tech industry and projected to be the first to deploy a 5G network. Their progress was fueled by investing in STEM education, having more STEM graduates than any other country in 2016.

However, the emphasis on STEM is not about having the latest model iPhone or gadget. It’s about solving the world’s problems by improving our technology. With STEM, we can address global challenges such as pollution and lack of food, clean water, and medicine.

Kids Will Dig STEM

Kids are naturally curious. During their early years, everything seems new and exciting, even magical. And they’ll always have questions about everything.

“How does a bird fly or why does ice melt?” STEM provides the answers to these questions. And as they discover the answers, they’ll come up with new questions.

STEM has a hands-on approach that they’ll love. Building things with their hands, doing experiments, or exploring nature are fun activities that will also challenge them to think.

Also, STEM often employs the latest technologies to teach kids. Not only is this an enjoyable method, but it also lessens some of the frustrations from traditional learning. For example, online tutor apps have become more popular instead of center-based cram schools such as the Kumon learning center.

STEM Is Universal

Even if the focus of STEM is the subjects in the acronym, the kids will develop critical skills that will help them in any future career. They’ll have the right mindset to tackle problems in a logical manner.

Rational thinking, engineering design, and the scientific method are some of the skills that they can master with STEM. They’ll also develop the ability to collaborate with others or take on leadership roles.

The knowledge that they’ll gain in STEM is also applicable in any pursuit. Even if your child wants to be an athlete, having a background on nutrition and kinesiology will help their career. And with everything digital nowadays, STEM is almost indispensable.

Let Your Kid’s Knowledge Bloom from STEM

We hope that this post answered the question, “why is STEM education important?” It’s important to equip your kids with STEM skills not only for their own future but for the future of humanity as well.

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