Do You Believe in Magic? 8 Reasons Why We Fall for Tricks

By admin / October 26, 2019

Did you know that magicians can influence our choice when choosing from a deck of cards 98% of the time? Do you believe in magic or just wonder why we fall for their amazing tricks?

In this article, you’ll discover why we fall for their impressive tricks and illusions even if we might know it’s not real. Read on to discover the Psychology behind magic and why we fall for it almost every time.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Many of us love magic tricks even though we don’t necessarily believe in it. Many magic tricks make us doubt our own eyes thanks to different tricks magicians use such as distraction techniques they’ve built up.

You could very well see the trick before your eyes but not even realize it since the magician will use distraction to have your eyes quickly look away and not be aware of what you saw.

These tricks are created through Psychology and a combination of skill and technique. What happens is your brain is fooled into overlooking what happened right before your eyes. Magicians can actually manipulate what our brain recognizes and doesn’t.

1. Misdirection

Magic is about manipulating your perception, attention, and how we process the information. Misdirection is about getting you to not look at what’s important to know it’s not real, and instead they distract you.

2. Forcing Technique

The forcing technique is where you believe you’re choosing a card at random. In reality, it’s not a choice, and the magician is actually manipulating your decision.

3. We Love the Feel of Wonder

Magic tricks exist because people love to experience the feeling of wonder such as how did they do that? No matter your education or logic, a part of all of us want to believe magic is real and think the magicians have a special skill.

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4. Magicians Don’t Reveal Their Tricks

If a magician revealed their trick, then the excitement would be over, so they don’t reveal them. A trick or illusion could require lots of planning and technique, but a magician will never reveal to you their trick so you will for their tricks.

5. We’re Drawn to What We Don’t Understand

So we know that people can’t get sewn in half and that a magician doesn’t really know what number we are thinking, but why do we always get fooled? We are drawn to what we don’t understand and try to make sense of things that seem unexplainable.

The fact we know it’s not real is the essential part of magicians being able to make it enjoyable for all.

6. Magic and Psychology

Magic tricks can bring about different memories from events since magicians can be at important events like birthday parties and weddings. Magic also makes us feel young again being amazed and wondering how they did that coin trick.

When you’re trying to figure out how a magician did a particular card trick, there’s a psychology behind it. A study has shown that people tend to choose the Ace of Spades most over other cards.

In that same study, more than half the people selected chose 1 of 4 cards, Ace of Spades, Queen of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, and King of Hearts.

7. Delight

As we get older, we understand how different things work and are explained, but how did the magician make that card disappear? We get excited and feel the same excitement we felt as children being surprised by peek-a-boo and other games.

We are excited by things that can’t be logically explained when we watch. When we can’t make sense of what happened, our brains produce a thrill. It shows the act as not predictable but still safe.

Magic Tricks Revealed

Some exciting magic tricks that were performed in the past were just exceptional illusions. Did you ever see the trick where David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear? The statue was covered with a large piece of fabric or a big screen in front of the audience.

This then created the illusion of a space and then the lights blinded the audience. After the monument was uncovered, many didn’t see it since their eyes were temporarily blurred from the spotlights.

A trick that can only be performed on TV is to make a large truck disappear. You’ll need to drape a construction over the truck and have a fake audience of your friends to watch. Next, ask someone to drive the truck out of the construction. When the drape is removed, the truck is gone.

Want to trick your friends with the dollar bill trick? What this trick does is make them think you’re turning $1 into $100. You’ll need to fold a $1 bill in a special way(see picture above) and hide it behind your fingers. Then you’ll substitute it with a $100 bill so no one saw you switch the bills.

If you’d like a bigger trick to trick your friends, you can do a trick known as walking on water. You can perform this in a swimming pool or rivers. You’ll want to make a clear or glass plastic platform that’s invisible to your friends.

Why Do We Fall for Magic Tricks?

Do you believe in magic? While you might think and know magic is fake, there’s something exciting to believing in the magic tricks since magicians invest so much time into different distractions techniques. Would you like to learn more about different aspects of lifestyle and hobbies? Check out our other articles.

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