Why Boston Terriers Make the Best Dogs

By admin / January 26, 2018

There are several reasons why Boston Terriers make the best dogs. If you love pets, you may have been faced with a challenge when it comes to choosing your perfect puppy. There are many different dog breeds available, but opting for Boston Terriers will make you enjoy staying with your pet choice. Boston Terriers are a breed which originated from America and the dog breed was first developed around 1865. If you want to find out some of the reasons why this dog breed is loved by so many check out the following:

  1. They are extremely loyal

Boston Terriers aim to please you hence why they are the best companion dogs. Many pet lovers like to have a pet that will stay close to them and offer them the necessary company. If you are looking for a puppy to train and so that you can enjoy its company, then opting for a Boston Terrier will be the perfect choice.

  1. They love staying close to people

Boston Terriers like doing what the owner is doing. If you are just relaxing, the dogs are patient enough to stay with you and relax. If you prefer a busy day where you engage in different activities such as walking or running, the dog will run alongside you. Its capability to adapt to different lifestyles makes it the perfect choice for many pet lovers.

  1. Are friendly with good temperament

Boston Terriers are ideal dogs for you to have in apartments. They can stay calm in the room or enjoy spending time with you outdoors. People will like to have dogs in which they can enjoy their companies, and the Boston Terriers are dogs with good temperament which make them ideal for companion pets.

  1. Boston terriers are the perfect size

For you to take the dog out with you, it should be the right size. The size of Boston Terriers are just enough. It allows you to go with the dog anywhere. Even if you need to carry it on your lap, you can easily do so due to its size. The size is not too big or too small hence making the dog ideal for your everyday life. They also weigh around 20 pounds so the dog won’t be too heavy to handle.

  1. Boston terriers are quiet dogs

The dogs don’t bark often, they will only bark if a stranger will show up in front of your door. Their silent behavior and reaction towards strangers makes them the perfect guard dogs to have in your home. Many individuals keep Boston Terriers as guard dogs as well as a companion hence they are loved by many.

  1. They don’t require expensive grooming

They have sleek, hair like coat which means they do not require a lot of grooming. When it comes to maintenance, they demand the least hence why they are loved by many dog owners. Especially by those who don’t have enough time to carry out the grooming because of busy schedules. This is why Boston Terriers make the perfect family dog and because of their lively and spirited behaviors.

  1. Perfect family dogs

Boston Terriers can and will love being a part of your family life. They are gentle and can play with children. During family outings, they can make the right companion where you can take family photos while embracing them.

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