Bard PowerPort Issues You Weren’t Aware Of: Know When to Call a Lawyer?

By admin / August 25, 2023

Bard PowerPort, a medical device manufactured by Bard, has been facing numerous lawsuits recently. The catheter and port are implanted beneath the skin to deliver fluids and medicine to the bloodstream. However, both components pose severe health risks, including injuries and infections.

Patients who have experienced adverse consequences because of defective devices are filing legal complaints against Bard. They have alleged the company of knowing the risks and not sharing adequate warnings about it. Furthermore, the company has not taken any initiative to resolve the situation.

All Bard PowerPort and its subsidiary Becton Dickinson product liability lawsuits stated that the port devices are susceptible to fracturing and breaking. Consequently, it increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), embolism, infection, organ or vein puncture, and other severe complications.

In this article, we will discuss the issues with Bard PowerPort that customers may not be aware of. We will also discuss when to contact a lawyer to file a Bard PowerPort lawsuit.

Health Hazards Due to Bard PowerPort

In June 2023, About Lawsuits reported on Patrice Terry’s lawsuit against the Bard PowerPort ClearVue Implantable Port and its complications. Compared to other implantable ports, such as Mediport or Port-a-cath, Bard PowerPort gets marketed as a specialized port that can endure high injection pressures.

Terry, in her account, shared that doctors had implanted the port in her right internal jugular vein. It took place in March 2022 to offer easy access to a catheter to deliver chemotherapy drugs to treat her colon cancer. In less than a month, Terry faced neck swelling and pain.

After examining her, doctors discovered Terry had DVT in her neck because of Bard PowerPort failure, as the port device wasn’t functioning. She underwent major surgery to remedy this. Hence, now she has an increased chance of DVT along with other permanent and severe injuries.

The complaint stated that the manufacturer was aware of the catheter issues because of several incidents being reported beforehand. Despite that, they decided to remain silent and not issue new label warnings. Right before Terry, a similar complaint was filed by Mary Nelk, who suffered from extreme catheter bloodstream infection due to a port failure.

Almost every lawsuit against Bard PowerPort has similar allegations. It mentions port failure due to a faulty manufacturing and design process, because of which the catheter tubes crack. It leads to punctured blood vessels, blood clots, and severe infections.

Bard PowerPort Problems

Most lawsuits claimed that Becton Dickinson and its Bard devices have been known for catheter tube problems. The catheter tube is called ChronoFlex AL, which is a polyurethane polymer, a mix of barium sulfate and polyurethane.

Nelk, in the lawsuit, shared that the barium sulfate can compromise the mechanical integrity of the polyurethane. That‌ leads to degradation, microfractures, cracking, and fissures. The issues stemming from the manufacturing process for the catheter tube elevated the concentration of barium sulfate, aggravating the issue.

The lawsuit mentioned that right after Bard PowerPort was launched, defendants started to receive AERs (Adverse Event Reports) from various healthcare providers. The AERs also reported instances of perforated internal vasculature caused by the port device. A few of the injuries that occurred include:

  • Patient death
  • Hemorrhage
  • Perforations of vessels, tissues, and organs
  • Persistent and severe pain
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Pericardial/cardiac tamponade

The lawsuit against Bard PowerPort alleges the manufacturer for failure to warn, negligence, fraudulent concealment, and design and manufacturing defect.

When To Contact a Lawyer?

Anyone who has used the Bard PowerPort device and has faced complications can file a lawsuit to recover the damages. It is necessary to obtain medical evidence to prove that physical discomforts and ailments, like DVT, are an after-effect of the failed port device. Other complications include catheter migration, catheter fractures, necrosis, and damage to the blood vessels and veins.

Once the medical reports confirm that the Bard PowerPort is what caused injuries and infections, it is essential to contact a lawyer. TorHoerman Law states that lawyers count on medical records to build a strong case and present it to the court. They also provide the necessary guidance along with the details of the settlement. Since lawsuits against Bard PowerPort are in the initial stages, there is still no fixed settlement amount.


In August 2023, Drugwatch mentioned Bard failed to alert the public about the device’s complications, despite being aware of it. Instead, the manufacturer kept marketing the device and labeled it safe, addressing none of the concerns. In its defense, the company even blamed physicians for the fractures due to incorrect placement.

Complaints filed by victims are raising awareness about the health hazards of this port device. Based on the current state of affairs, it is evident that the fight for justice will be a time-consuming one. That shouldn’t deter anyone who suffered after using the Bard PowerPort to bring their concerns to light. Victims should seek both medical and legal assistance.




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