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Are High-End Headphones Worth the Cost? How Much Money Should You Spend on Headphones?

By admin / March 4, 2019

The global earphones and headphones market is expected to reach a whopping $13.82 billion by 2023. In today’s digital era, these accessories are more popular than ever before. We wear them at home and on the go, use them at work and connect them to our favorite gadgets.

Let’s be honest: how much are you really willing to spend on headphones? Do you prefer a cheap $40 model that gets the job done or o you take the time to research your options and choose quality over price?

Like it or not, you get what you pay for.

High-end headphones go well over $200 but are worth the price. Featuring a compact design and excellent sound quality, these accessories can change your life forever. They can power up your workouts, take the stress out of virtual meetings and give you a competitive advantage during Skype interviews.

But how much should you spend on headphones? Most importantly, what should you look for? Let’s find out!

Assess Your Needs

Consider how you’re going to use your headphones. Do you need them for video calling and online meetings? In this case, it’s worth paying more for a high-end model with noise canceling features, clear soundstage, and long battery life.

Philips Fidelio X2, for example, comes with a high price tag ($237 to $428.27) but offer a plethora of features. They’re comfortable to wear, have excellent sound quality, and boast a stunning design despite their large size.

If you’re planning to use these accessories in the gym or on the running trail, look for a model that’s sweat-proof and waterproof. These are slightly more affordable compared to those designed for business use.

In fact, you find quality headphones that are perfect for the gym for as low as $20. KZ ZST, Behringer HPS3000, and Vogek On-Ear Headphones are just a few examples. Check out this review to find out more about your options.

Compare Their Features

An expensive model doesn’t guarantee higher quality. Don’t base your decision solely on price. High-end earphones and headphones should offer more than a cool design.

Choose a few models based on your needs and then compare their features side-by-side. Look for things like:

  • Superior comfort
  • Balanced, rich sound
  • Multi-point Bluetooth
  • Long battery life
  • Active noise canceling
  • Excellent call quality
  • Resistant to sweat and moisture

The best sports headphones out there even have a built-in heart monitor and motion sensors.

Business models, on the other hand, may come with dedicated buttons for Google Assistant, multiple noise-cancellation levels, touch controls, and excellent wireless performance.

High-End Headphones Are an Investment in Yourself

Considering their superior build quality and high-tech features, it’s fair to say that high-end headphones are worth the price. Think of these gadgets as an investment in yourself. They can give you a competitive edge at work, boost your productivity, and take your workouts to the next level.

Don’t let the price put you off. With some research, you’ll find a good deal in no time. Keep an eye on sales, set price alerts, and shop around until you find a model that fits your budget. 

Headphones are not the only must-have accessories you need in your life. These cool devices will make your home smarter and streamline your day-to-day tasks, so check them out!

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