Amenities Luxury Villas Offer That You Can’t Find In Hotels

When planning an indulgent Caribbean getaway, a lot of people are often torn between booking a fancy hotel suite or luxury villa rentals in St. Martin. This isn’t really surprising since both options offer the best accommodations for anyone who wish to enjoy their time away.

There are just so many great things that both lodging options offer, so it’s easy to get confused about which of the two suits you best.

Luxury villas tend to draw people in with the privacy and space they have to offer. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that they can also compete with high-end hotels when it comes to amenities.

Here are five amenities that you won’t get from hotels in St. Martin but are available in many high end villas.

A Private Pool or Jacuzzi

While the best hotels on the island also have their own swimming pools onsite, you’ll have to share them with other guests. In a luxury villa, however, you can have the property’s pool all to yourself. For some people, this is already worth the splurge.

Some luxury villas also have their very own jacuzzi. Having access to one that only you and your party can use is always a great plus. It can definitely save you from the awkwardness of sharing a hot tub with some strangers.

A Full Kitchen

Some people think that there’s no need for a full kitchen on a holiday since their idea of a relaxing vacation doesn’t include cooking. This chore is tiring and messy, so it’s the opposite of what people want to do when they want to relax.

However, full kitchens still prove to be very useful for big parties. For one, they can ensure that food will always be available. Late night snacks or meals can also be enjoyed by everyone without a fuss.

Then, there’s also the fact that it’s cheaper to cook your own food than eat out all the time. It’s also quite a hassle for large parties. Having to haul a big group around for every meal will be exhausting, so a full kitchen can be a convenient and practical amenity.

Other Unique Amenities that You Don’t Have to Share with Strangers

Lots of luxury villas also have special rooms and amenities to offer. You can find rentals with media rooms and recreation rooms that only you and your group can have access to. This means that you can use them any time you want and that you don’t have to share with other people. This gives you all the more freedom to enjoy your vacation since you don’t have to compromise with others when it comes to the use of lodging facilities.

A Dedicated Onsite Staff

While hotels also have their own hotel staff, you will still need to share them with other guests. So if you have an urgent request, they might not always get to attend to you right away.

In a luxury villa, however, you’ll get an onsite staff who can focus on your needs during your stay. They can attend to your needs diligently and quickly, so their service can be more satisfying for a lot of vacationers.

Your Own Beach Access

With its coastline stretching for more than 70 km, St. Martin is a great destination for beach lovers. So if you want to stay in a beachfront property, you won’t have a hard time finding one here. A lot of hotels have rooms and suites facing the water, so you can enjoy beautiful views of the gorgeous Caribbean sea even without leaving your room.

However, a lot of luxury villas are beachfront properties as well. This will give you a quick beach access and the ease of enjoying the island’s pristine waters.

These are just a few of the best reasons why luxury villa rentals in St. Martin are great options for a lot of vacationers. They also easily justify the rates these lodgings have. So if you intend to go all out and splurge on your next Caribbean vacation, these rentals might just make your trip even more special.

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