A Look At The Most Popular Tattoo Designs And Trends For 2018

Tattoo styles are a dime a dozen, and there are some tattoo designs that have been tried and tested and have been popular for years in tattoo history, whilst there are some tattoo designs that are only coming out now and only time will tell whether these designs are bound to last. But if you’re a tattoo enthusiast and you’re wondering what the latest trends are when it comes to tattoo styles and designs, here’s a look at the most popular tattoo designs and trends for 2018.

Blackwork tattoos

Blackwork tattoos are all the rage right now, and you’ve probably seen some samples of this design with black-inked wrists, ankles, and sleeves. The principle behind blackwork tattoos is actually quite simple – it’s a whole bunch of tattoos around the body which are all in black ink. There is often no particular symbolism or meaning for it, and most people acquire it purely for aesthetic purposes. But it’s also worth noting that today, many traditional tattoos in the tribal style are inked in a similar style to blackwork tattoos as well. For females, blackwork tattoos are often combined with flower designs, which create a great contrast between boldness and elegance.

Dotwork tattoos

Dotwork tattoos are also becoming more popular nowadays, and this tattooing style is considered a lighter version or variation of blackwork tattooing. It’s a complex style of tattooing, as it’s comprised of a myriad of dots which add to the tattoo’s overall impression and impact. Dotwork tattoos are definitely intricate works of art.

Linework tattoos

Another popular trend today when it comes to tattooing is linework tattoos, which isn’t as dramatic as the blackwork or dotwork styles but has a huge impact as well. This style of tattoo is comprised of only one single line, and there is no colouring or shading involved. Even if a linework tattoo is small, its simple and precise elegance makes it quite attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Minimalistic tattoos

Minimalistic tattoos have actually been around for a while, but they are even more popular now. Minimalistic tattoos, as their name implies, can be composed of just a single line or sign, a dot or a few more dots, a letter, and so on. Minimalistic tattoos are often done using a single colour, such as black as well.

If you’re interested in what’s going on in the world of tattoos, all these trends may be worth remembering. And if you’re up for making a bold and varied statement, you can go all out with your clothing as well, such as the tattoo-inspired clothing from thekillingtree.co.uk, which offers a wide range of shirts and other clothing plus accessories like sunglasses, snapbacks, and rings.

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