A Comprehensive Checklist for a New Build in Thailand

By admin / October 19, 2021

If you have finally decided to do something with that plot of land in the countryside and are planning to build your dream home, there’s a lot to consider. Of course, you have already crunched the numbers and have the funding to complete the project and to help you in your preparation, here is our comprehensive checklist for a new build.

  • Choosing a builder – Of course, you want a custom builder who can handle every aspect of the build; ask to see a few images of previous projects, a good builder can furnish you with many addresses where you can view their work. Finding an English-speaking builder is not an issue, as many foreigners retire in Thailand.
  • Home Design – Examine all your design options, which the custom builder can help you with; it isn’t every day that you get to design your own living space, so do take your time and consider things like climate, which can make all the difference with the right design.
  • Planning Permission – The custom builder would be the one to submit the plans and once approved, the work can be scheduled. Skip this stage at your peril, your local authority might have the power to order the structure to be demolished!
  • Materials & Equipment – Your builder would make contact with an electrical supply company to acquire all the components for the supply of electricity to the house. You can order materials online and have them delivered to the site, plus you can save money when buying online.
  • Utilities – Of course, you need to engage with all utility providers, making sure that when the time comes, you will have water and electricity at the ready. Call them a few days before, just as a reminder.
  • Funding – It goes without saying that you have a mortgage in place, plus you have crunched the numbers regarding the many other expenses incurred when building a house. Let’s not forget the stamp duty and conveyancing fees, then there is furnishing the new home, which sometimes has to take a back seat.
  • Think Insulation – If your design is focused on insulation, your energy costs will be low, something every homeowner wants. Here are a few essential repairs to carry out when putting the house on the market.
  • Explore Clean & Renewable Energy Options – Solar panels are a very attractive proposition, especially here in Thailand, with more sunshine hours than most countries. You can see a return on your investment in 5 years, then you have nothing more to pay and for the first time, you are energy dependent.
  • Curtains – Screening is often overlooked when moving into a new home and there are affordable custom blind makers who will pay you a home visit where you can discuss the many design options.

Here is some Thai government information about foreign ownership of land, which you should read. Make sure that you have an English-speaking lawyer in your corner and that you comply with the many laws and your dream home will be finished before you know it.


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